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CARE Intervention Program Wins Prestigious Award

Program Aims to Decrease Dropout Rate in Local High Schools

Matt Perry, Chris Aland, Alfred Brown, and Dave Gordon
(L–R) Assistant Superintendent Matt Perry and Director Chris Aland receive the CARE Intervention Program Golden Bell award from Board Trustee Alfred Brown and Superintendent Gordon.

The CARE Intervention Program has been recognized by the California School Boards Association (CSBA) with one of its prestigious Golden Bell awards. The award was formally presented to SCOE Assistant Superintendent Matt Perry and Director Chris Aland at last night's County Board of Education meeting.

The CARE (Community Action for Responsive Education) Intervention Program is a partnership between the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and local school districts, aiming to increase support for disengaged students in grades 7–12. Many served by the program struggle with social anxiety and the pressure of navigating multiple classrooms in secondary education.

“CARE provides a small, self-contained setting where students get individual attention as part of their school’s intervention system,” said Sacramento County Board of Education President O. Alfred Brown, Sr. “Students take part in their school’s elective courses and are encouraged and supported while participating in extracurricular activities.”

“The CARE Program has been remarkably successful,” said Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon. “Our two years of cohort research shows students completing the CARE Program raised their grade-point average by a full grade point.”


Parental support and engagement play a key role in the program. Parents have repeatedly responded with high approval ratings regarding the positive change they have observed in their children and the level of communication and support provided by the CARE teacher. Teachers are hired, paid, and evaluated by SCOE. The program uses the school district’s adopted curriculum and follows the course of study outlined by the districts.

For more information on the CARE Intervention Program, contact Director Chris Aland: (916) 228-2446.