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SCOE Develops Free Transitional Kindergarten Courses

Project Developed in Partnership with CA Department of Education


A joint project of the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) provides new—and free—online learning opportunities for teachers to better prepare them to teach transitional kindergarten students.

A new Transitional Kindergarten Professional Learning (TK PL) series—developed by SCOE’s Early Learning, Internet and Media Services (IMS), and K–12 Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Departments—is now available. Teachers, as well as administrators, can access individual modules or complete any of the four courses to expand their knowledge about developmentally appropriate strategies to enhance transitional kindergarten environments, instruction, and assessment.

“These modules provide a unique opportunity for expanded high-quality professional learning for transitional kindergarten, which doesn’t currently exist,” said David W. Gordon, Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools. “This will also allow us to really look at developing a seamless transition for students going from preschool to kindergarten.”

“This is a unique opportunity to create a bridge between Preschool and the K–12 system by bringing preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, and administrators together,” said Dr. Nancy Herota, SCOE Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services.

In a series of four courses, participants will learn about the following:

  • Legislation and policy of transitional kindergarten
  • Benefits of transitional kindergarten for students, including time for social and emotional development (things like self-awareness, self-control, and important interpersonal skills)
  • Key resources to support the implementation of transitional kindergarten
  • Language and literacy, mathematics, English language, and social-emotional development
  • Research-based practices to promote learning in transitional kindergarten, grounded in the preschool learning foundations and kindergarten content standards
  • The integrated nature of learning through environment, instruction, and assessment that supports the success of all young learners

The modules and courses are free; however, there is a cost for obtaining continuing education units (CEUs) if desired. Until March 31, 2019, educators can access stipends to cover the costs of these modules and associated materials through the California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend (CTKS) program administered by California’s Local Planning Councils. For questions, please e-mail or phone Stacy Sewell, SCOE Early Learning Coordinator: (916) 228-2310.