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SH Program Holds Graduations for 2016

SCOE Students Earn Certificates of Completion

Smiling graduate receives certificate

Board Trustee Jacquelyn Levy (left) presents a student with a certificate.​​​​

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) celebrated the success of 23 students this year in two individual ceremonies held at its David P. Meaney Education Center. Proud family members and jubilant teachers and staff enjoyed poignant ceremonies for those receiving certificates of completion through SCOE's program for high school students and young adults with severe disabilities. The students will now make the transition to other education or job training programs.

These students represent SCOE young adult programs located throughout Sacramento County, including a class located at California State University, Sacramento. Many of these students have participated in SCOE special education programs throughout their educational years, starting in SCOE's Infant Development Program and continuing through young adulthood.

As part of the SCOE Special Education Department, the SH (Severely Handicapped) Program provides services to students ranging from ages 3–22. SCOE supports a variety of students, including those who have visual impairments, mobility needs, or speech and language impairments. Programs are located at multiple school sites from eight school districts within the county. Special education services are also provided at schools operated by Sacramento County Probation.

Students Being Recognized

CSUS Young Adult Class (Shawn O'Briant, Teacher)
  • Marisa Alvarez
  • Lao Yang
Galt High School (Cathy Goodrich, Teacher)
  • Jacob Brady
  • Jose Isaúl Flores-Vindiola
  • Brandon Lee
  • Brandon Machado
  • Bradley Margetts
Galt High School (Chad Hinton, Teacher)
  • Brandon Hicks
  • Jay Johnson
Galt High School (Melanie Lee, Teacher)
  • Lorena Lopez
George Washington Carver High School (Guy Holman, Teacher)
  • Elida Gutierrez
Inderkum High School Young Adult Class (Bernadette Kerwin, Teacher)
  • Ronald Aldous
  • Harman Bariana
Jessie Baker Young Adult Class (Frances Montemurro, Teacher)
  • Nicholas Boettcher
  • Nathalie Guzman
  • Krista Lyon
  • Brandon Miller
  • Dikinjii Morgan
  • Madeline Porter
Monterey Trail High School Young Adult Class (Michele Glorioso, Teacher)
  • Devan Cloud
  • Jovan Cloud
Rio Linda High School (Rachel Remner, Teacher)
  • Daniel Lyon
  • Katarina Stuter
Student receiving certificate from Board trustee

Board Trustee Greg Geeting presents a student with a certificate.​​