Infant Development Program


The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Infant Development Program (IDP) provides services to eligible children from birth through 36 months of age who have delays in one or more areas of development. IDP provides free educational opportunities in the home and community.

Families have the most important influence on the growth and development of a child. IDP partners with families to build on current strengths and abilities, work on challenges, and create a plan to identify specific opportunities during daily routines to support their child’s development.

Visits with families in their homes and in the community give us the opportunity to get to know them and their child. IDP staff work with families to recognize their child’s current abilities and identify specific opportunities to support his or her development.

Through play and parent education, IDP helps families discover teachable moments within the context of everyday routines and activities. Staff work to achieve selected outcomes based on family priorities.