Special Education Department

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Special Education Department provides special education related services to the 13 school districts within Sacramento County for students from birth–22 years of age. The Special Education Department consists of approximately 285 staff members, located throughout Sacramento County which provide support to students and families.

For ages birth–5 years old, services include the Infant Development Program, serving students birth to three, and Preschool programs serving students with special needs included in community/district settings. The Quality Child Care Collaborative (QCCC) provides training and resources to childcare providers in the Sacramento area for students with special needs.

For ages 5–22 years, special day class programs are provided for students with emotional disabilities, for students with severe cognitive, physical, or medical disabilities, and students identified with autism. Specialized services include vision, orientation and mobility, speech and language, school nurse, WorkAbility, and school psychologist. In addition, special education services are provided to students within the SCOE Juvenile Court School and Community Schools programs. Arcohe and Elverta School Districts receive support from SCOE for specialized services, including school nurse and school psychologist.

SCOE provides 40 special day classroom settings on approximately 23 sites within the school districts, and six special education preschool teachers in 12 inclusion settings.

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