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2014 Palmiter Grads Receive High School Diplomas

Commencement Ceremony Honors Nine Graduates

Dave Gordon speaking to seated graduates.

Superintendent Gordon talked to students about how proud their parents, guardians, teachers, counselors, ​principals, and other school staff were of them for their accomplishments.

Family members, friends, teachers, and school staff cheered inside the crowded multipurpose room at Leo A. Palmiter High School as members of the 2014 graduating class proudly accepted their high school diplomas during a June 11 commencement ceremony acknowledging the academic achievements of the nine graduating students.

Principal Lauren Roth received assistance in presenting diplomas to the students from County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robin Pierson, and County Board of Education President Jacquelyn Levy. Teacher Nick Papagiannopoulos, senior class advisor, also helped congratulate students.

Superintendent Gordon told students, "Throughout your school career, your parents and guardians have looked forward to this day. So have your teachers, counselors, principals, and other school staff. All of these people have encouraged and nudged you along the way. And that's why we are all celebrating. We are filled with pride and we share in your happiness."

Two student speakers addressed the graduates and families. Nichelle C. said, "The person I am today is nowhere near the person I thought I'd be three years ago. I have learned I can go beyond my own expectations." Student John L. stated, "All I've done since coming to Leo A. Palmiter is learn!" Both students expressed appreciation to faculty and staff for the opportunities afforded students at the Palmiter campus. Nichelle was named the recipient of the annual Principal's Award for student leadership.

In addition to hard work inside the classroom, the 2014 Palmiter graduating class was also recognized for involvement in community service projects which provided students with valuable life experiences. Members of the graduating class participated in the Culinary Arts Program, the WorkAbility Program, and won the 2014 Academic Bowl championship for their school.

Family members, friends, mentors, school faculty and staff celebrated at a reception following the ceremony. Leo A. Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School provides education to special needs students in grades 7-12. Students are referred directly from Sacramento County school districts which are unable to provide the more highly structured behavioral support program available at the Palmiter campus. Students are provided a standards-based educational program that is supported by a strong vocational/transitional/school-to-world emphasis.

Group of graduates wearing caps and gowns.

Nine students were honored at the Palmiter High School commencement ceremony.