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SCOE Classified Workers Saluted with Ice Cream

Classified School Employees Recognized May 18–24

Cabinet members wearing aprons to serve ice cream

With tasty, cold ice cream and warm smiles, classified employees of the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) were honored at an afternoon reception on May 21.

Members of the Superintendent's Cabinet scooped frozen treats into bowls and cones for SCOE classified employees as a gesture of thanks and appreciation for the contributions of school and education employees. Board of Education President Gretchen Bender and Trustee Greg Geeting also were on hand to scoop ice cream and thank SCOE employees for their hard work.

At the event, County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon presented employees with a Board Resolution, which was unanimously adopted April 21 by the County Board of Education to proclaim May 19-23, 2008 as "Classified School Employees Week" in Sacramento County.

The resolution states:

WHEREAS, the week of May 18 through May 24, 2009, has been designated as Classified School Employees' Week throughout California; and

WHEREAS, the Sacramento County Office of Education employs nearly 370 classified employees who perform services which are vital to the educational process; and

WHEREAS, classified employees serve the students, staff, parents and citizens of the County by providing essential services to the educational system; and

WHEREAS, classified employees support and enhance the educational process by assisting instructors, transporting students, preparing nutritional meals, maintaining building and grounds, and performing all technical business, clerical and secretarial functions; and

WHEREAS, Sacramento County Office of Education classified employees provide our county office with specialized skills, and contribute to the educational excellence in our schools and offices day in and day out; and

WHEREAS, classified employees provide services that enable the County Office of Education to respond effectively to the needs of students, parents, teachers, administrators and the greater community;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education extends its sincere appreciation and commendation to the classified school employees of the County Office and proclaims the week of May 19 through May 23, 2008, as Classified School Employees' Week in Sacramento County.

In a message to SCOE's classified employees, Superintendent Gordon said, "On behalf of the Board of Education and the SCOE Cabinet, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to our ongoing success. We greatly appreciate the exceptional service that you provide to our students, their families, and to our Sacramento Community."

Serving employees ice cream
Superintendent Gordon presenting employees with a Board Resolution
Greg Geeting, David Gordon, and Gretchen Bender