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County Board of Education Adopts Resolution Renouncing State Budget Cuts

Board Calls on Governor and Legislature to Uphold Proposition 98


On March 18, the Sacramento County Board of Education adopted a resolution outlining the real impact local schools will face due to the governor's proposed $4.4 billion budget cut to education funding.

The resolution calls upon the governor and the Legislature to uphold Proposition 98, the minimum school funding guarantee, and reject the draconian proposed cuts to schools and students.

"Our students and schools didn't create this budget problem. Their progress should not be disrupted because of it. The state is ignoring the needs of education and short-changing our children," said Sacramento County Board of Education President Victoria L. Deane.

"Without a doubt, our students will be negatively impacted by the governor's budget proposal because it cuts funding for daily services and programs in our schools," said Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon. "The County Board and the Sacramento County Office of Education will strongly and repeatedly urge our state legislators and the governor to represent our students by ensuring education dollars stay in the classroom."