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Sacramento County Board of Education Approves New ROP Courses

Students Can Study Law and Order, Transportation, Landscaping and Horticulture


In an effort to create more career opportunities for local high school students, the Sacramento County Board of Education has approved five exciting new courses in career and technical education. The courses, supervised by the Sacramento County Regional Occupational Program (ROP), involve classes in subject areas ranging from law and order to environmental horticulture.

"These approved courses are part of a plan to offer rigorous programs and training that lead to rewarding career paths," said Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon. "We have worked closely with our local district superintendents and District Attorney Jan Scully to develop challenging and meaningful ROP courses for the students in our county."

Following the recommendations made by the Board's Curriculum and Programs Committee, the Board of Education approved the following courses:

Citizens Academy

This 10 week exploratory course is aligned to the standards in the Public Safety and Services pathway and provides an important overview of the criminal justice system, the role of the district attorney, law enforcement, and the judiciary system. Three of the class sessions are devoted to diversity and race issues within the framework of the criminal justice system, learning experiences will include critical analysis of important issues and an exchange of ideas and perspectives in group settings. Participants will gain an understanding of how to improve relations and communication between minority communities and the criminal justice system.
(Sacramento City Unified School District)

Law and Order

This 90 hour, one semester exploratory course is aligned to the standards in the Public Safety and Service Pathway. The course will provide an important overview of California's criminal justice system, the role of the district attorney, law enforcement, the judicial system and special challenges within the system. Students will examine a variety of careers in the legal system as well as the day-to-day operations of various departments and units within the legal system. Students will identify their rights as citizens and gain a historical overview of the Bill of Rights. Leaning experiences will include critical analysis of important issues and an exchange of ideas and perspectives in a group setting. Field trips and guest speakers will enrich the students' experiences.
(Sacramento County Office of Education)

Careers in the Transportation Industry

This is a 180 hour introduction/exploratory course in the transportation industry pathway. Students will explore career opportunities in the areas of internal combustion engine and alternative fuel modes of transportation, and air, sea and rail transportation. Each module is project based and includes a field trip and/or guest speaker. Students are issued certificates of recognition after completion of each 30 hour module, and two units of elective credit. An ROP Certificate of Completion is issued after successfully completing all modules.
(Sacramento County Office of Education)

Landscape and Environmental Design:

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the field of landscape and environmental design where design projects will range from community parks to the front and backyards of homes, and from river habitat restoration to planning at the city scale. They will also utilize their knowledge and skills in a design project to beautify their school and community. Students will explore future careers such as landscape architecture, environmental design and engineering. Students will develop an awareness of the interactive relationship between humans and how they shape their environment.
(Grant Joint Union High School District)

Environmental Horticulture

This course will provide students with the theories, principles and practices of environmental horticulture. Included is the study of botanical classification and plant identification, photosynthesis, plant physiology and growth characteristics, sexual and asexual propagation, pest and disease management, purchasing and sales, maintenance skills, floricultural skills and landscape design. This course teaches the fundamentals necessary to enter the nursery or landscape industry and/or to prepare students for a four-year college and/or university who plan a major in Environmental Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Science or the Agricultural Sciences.
(Grant Joint Union High School District)


"We believe that these demanding, new programs will encourage and motivate our students to consider many worthwhile and gratifying college and career paths," said Tim Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Court and Community Schools and ROP.

In August 2007, the Sacramento County Board of Education approved six other high level courses for ROP: Business Law, Careers in Education, Media Production, Radio & Television, Home Technology Integrator, Culinary Arts, and Hospitality and Lodging.

ROP offers high level instruction in courses providing pathways to higher education at the community college and four-year college level, apprenticeship and other post-secondary training. Through these resources and experiences, students can attain marketable skills and pursue post secondary education in preparation for work in the 21st century.

Information about ROP classes offered through the Sacramento County Office of Education is available online or by calling (916) 228-2721.