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New ROP Courses Approved by Sacramento County Board of Education

Students Can Study Business Law, Media Production and Culinary Arts

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A list of ROP classes offered through the Sacramento County Office of Education is available on the ROP website.​

In an effort to cultivate more career opportunities for area high school students, the Sacramento County Board of Education has approved an exciting new series of courses in career technical education. The courses, supervised by the Sacramento County Regional Occupational Program (ROP), involve classes in subject areas ranging from law to education.

"We have worked closely with our district superintendents to develop challenging, new ROP courses for our region's students," said David W. Gordon, Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools. "These newly approved programs are part of a plan to offer rigorous courses that lead to meaningful career paths."

"We believe that these challenging, new programs will motivate and inspire our students to consider many rewarding college and career paths," said Tim Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Court and Community Schools and ROP. "We are proud to have these new courses available to students."

In July 2006, the Sacramento County Board of Education approved three other high-level courses for ROP: Biotechnology Services, Multi-Media Sound Engineer, and Sports Medicine.

ROP offers high-level instruction in courses providing pathways to higher education at the community college and four-year college level, apprenticeship, and other post-secondary training. Through these resources and experiences, students can attain marketable skills and pursue post-secondary education in preparation for work in the 21st century.

Information about ROP classes offered through the Sacramento County Office of Education is available online or by calling (916) 228-2721.


Following the recommendations made by the Board's Curriculum and Programs Committee, the Board of Education approved the following courses:

Business Law​​

This is a concentrator course constituting one unit in a business scope and sequence of courses. The focus of this course is on legal issues pertaining to common business functions such as contracts, finance, employment, and property and business operations. This is a 90-hour course aligned to career technical education standards. (Sacramento City Unified School District)

Careers in Education​

This is an entry-level course to provide students with knowledge and opportunities in the teaching field, as well as other school site educational professions. Active class participation is enhanced by fieldwork at school sites under the guidance of a mentor teacher. The course will help students prepare for entry into college or university teacher training programs. This 360-hour course is aligned to career technical education standards and is a cap-stone in the Careers in Education Pathway. (Sacramento County Office of Education)

Media Production, Radio & Television​​

Students interested in the radio and television industries will learn to create and manage both audio and visual media. They will study various aspects of media including: communication, the history of radio and television, newsgathering, marketing and advertising, and the ethical use of recorded material. This 180-hour course is aligned to career technical education standards and is a concentrator course in the Media Production Pathway. (Sacramento City Unified School District)

Home Technology Integrator (HTI)​​

This course provides students with instruction and practice in the installation, integration, and troubleshooting of computer networks, telecommunications, broadband, audio/video, wiring, home security systems, home irrigation and pool management, and home automation systems in residence. This 180-hour course is aligned to career technical education standards. (San Juan Unified School District)

Culinary Arts​

This is a two-semester, 540-hour program that effectively prepares students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to successfully enter the job market or transition to post-secondary education programs. The course, aligned to career technical education standards, prepares students with food production, preparation, and customer service and teamwork skills for employment. (Sacramento County Office of Education)

Hospitality and Lodging​

This program immerses students in all aspects of the hospitality industry and is taught over a period of four semesters. Topics covered include an in-depth view of lodging management, front office and housekeeping management, leadership skills, and marketing and sales. Through internships, students can explore the wide variety of careers open to them in the hotel industry. This 360-hour program is aligned to career technical education standards and is a capstone course in the Hospitality Management Pathway. (Sacramento County Office of Education)