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Exceptional Students Honored at Graduation Ceremony

Learning Program Provides Special Education Services to Students

Family helping student get ready for graduation ceremony

Family members, teachers, and guests applauded as four Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) students were awarded their certificates of completion on December 14, 2006. The students are graduates of SCOE's program for high school and young adults with disabilities who are marking the transition to other educational or job-training programs in their local communities.

The graduation ceremony was held at the County Office's David P. Meaney Education Center.

"Our students are proof that goals are attainable," Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon told students, their families, and attendees. "Today is another victory for you all. It is hard work, dedication, and perseverance, love, and devotion that bring all of you to this point in time."

The students represent high schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District and the Galt Joint Union High School District. Many of them have received special education and other services from SCOE since they were young children.

"We've grown attached to them and they have grown attached to us," said Robin Pierson, Assistant Superintendent, Special Education. "These students have had a long and exciting journey to this moment."

Deputy Superintendent Marty Cavanaugh applauded SCOE's Special Education staff which works closely to ensure student success.

"Our fine special education teachers and skilled paraprofessional educators have such enthusiasm for their work," Cavanaugh said. "They enter the classroom every day equipped — not only with extensive educational knowledge—but also sincere dedication for the young people that they serve."

Serving as master of ceremonies was SCOE Program Specialist Lauren Roth, and certificates of completion were presented by County Board of Education Trustee Elinor L. Hickey. A slide show was presented by Program Specialist Leora Bautista Hendricks.

As part of the SCOE Special Education Department, the SH (severely handicapped) program provides special education services to students with severe disabilities and students with emotional disturbances, from ages 3-22 years, throughout Sacramento County. SCOE SH programs are located on more than 25 sites/schools located in eight school districts within the county.

The Special Education Department provides special day classes for students with severe challenges (severely handicapped) or with emotional disturbances (emotionally disturbed). Other students served include district students with visual impairments, mobility needs, or speech and language disorders. Special education services are also provided at local schools operated for youth through Sacramento County Probation. SCOE's Infant Development Program provides individualized, home-based instruction and family support for infants and toddlers having special needs.

For more information about SCOE special education services, call (916) 228-2382.

Graduate fist pumping in celebration
Graduate hugging superintendent and Board member