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Board Resolution Supports Preschool for All Four-Year-Olds

County Superintendent, Board of Education Support Preschool For All


The Sacramento County Board of Education has passed a resolution in support of voluntary, quality preschool for all four-year-olds in California. In introducing the resolution, which received a unanimous vote by the board on April 27, County Superintendent David W. Gordon and trustees spoke of preschool's academic, economic, and social benefits to individuals and communities. The Sacramento County Office of Education's School Readiness Office provides assistance and coordination to foster the development of preschool in the county.

Superintendent Gordon reiterated his message about the positive impact of preschool at the California First Five State Conference held in Hollywood April 28-29. He highlighted successes in Sacramento County, specifically the achievements of Elk Grove Unified School District. In his presentation, Superintendent Gordon pointed to evidence in the district that "preschool has made a significant impact on children's readiness for school and promotes their success in later schooling." He concluded, "The challenge is to garner the public will and the resources to offer the advantages of preschool to all four-year-olds."