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2004–05 Program Year Kicks Off With Annual In-Service

Employee Recognition Day Honors SCOE Staff

Superintendent congratulating smiling staff member

Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon shared his vision for the coming program year and helped to recognize employees.

The Sacramento County Office of Education formally began the 2004-05 program year with its annual Employee Recognition Day gathering on August 17. Held 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Sacramento, the 19th annual event honored staff for years of service to the Sacramento County Office of Education, recognized those who retired or were chosen as Employees of the Month in the 2003-2004 school year, and announced the name of the individual chosen as SCOE's Teacher of the Year 2005.

Approximately 700 employees enjoyed refreshments, learned about Sacramento County Office of Education plans for the 2004-05 school year, and visited informational displays presented by various SCOE programs and campuses. Participants wore Hawaiian attire in celebration of the day's theme: Aloha, Mahalo, Aloha (greetings, gratitude, farewell).

Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon welcomed employees and shared his vision for the coming program year. He said, "I look forward to working with each and every one of you to honor our commitments to our children: first, to continue providing top quality services; second, to assist and inspire the development of top-notch programs in our districts; third, to think 'outside the box' and ask, 'What more can we do to better the condition of children in this county?' and fourth, to become the leader, the model, the very best county office in California."

Superintendent Gordon mentioned the recently released California Performance Review, which contains a proposal to eliminate county offices of education. He reiterated the worth of SCOE, saying, "In many ways, the proposal...opens a window on our work, and gives us a great opportunity to showcase not only what we now do, but what more we can do in the future."

Superintendent Gordon continued, saying, "We are blessed to work on the most important mission of government: serving our children. Today I invite you to join me on a journey, to do what we now do even better and to chart bold new directions. We will be challenged; we will challenge one another." Superintendent Gordon emphasized the need for SCOE to more closely assist districts in areas of fiscal accountability and academic improvement, to broaden the scope of special education and workforce development, to strengthen support to help the community's most vulnerable children stay engaged in school and to succeed, and to make early childhood education a priority.

Sacramento County Board of Education President Christopher W. Woods greeted the employees on behalf of the Board and thanked them for their many contributions to education.

Robin Pierson, Assistant Superintendent, Education Programs, thanked SCOE teachers who served in the PAR (Peer Assistance and Education Review) Program.

Carol Johnston, a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) instructor in dental careers, talked about her experiences as SCOE's Teacher of the Year 2004. Ms. Johnston was introduced by Principal/Area Coordinator Judy Yamamoto.

Infant Development Program Area Coordinator/Principal Gina Guarneri introduced Joy Bonds-Baird, who has been selected to represent SCOE as its Teacher of the Year 2005. Ms. Bonds-Baird has served as a Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist at SCOE since 1984.

Serving as master of ceremonies for the event was John Burge, Database Designer/Information Systems Analyst, who works in SCOE's Internet and Media Services department. John Burge was assisted with presentations of awards by County Board of Education Vice President Harold Fong, Trustee Elinor L. Hickey, and SCOE Personnel Commissioner Clellan "Cy" Young.

The event concluded with the annual "Here's Looking at You, SCOE!" slide show, which captured images of employees at work during the 2003-2004 program year.

Door prizes contributed by area businesses, vendors and education supporters were awarded. Employee contributions to the annual food drive benefiting the Sacramento Food Bank overflowed the collection barrels — the largest response ever, according to event organizers.

Superintendent Gordon reminded employees of the value of their contributions to education and to the community. "You do so much in Sacramento County that you should be very proud of," he said.

"You serve our neediest students directly — through special education, court and community schools, homeless programs, outdoor education, ROPs [Regional Occupational Programs]. You help our districts stay in sound financial shape, keep up with technology, aid schools in need of academic improvement, and mount special programs like preschool, the arts, character education, AVID, and teacher recognition, to name just a very few.

"You help our teachers and school leaders hone their teaching and curriculum skills.

"You help our districts wrestle with difficult issues like territory transfers, expulsion appeals, charter school oversight and other election issues.

"You support our entire ten-county region in providing cutting-edge services to over 100 school districts. For all of this, I commend you, and I express appreciation on behalf of your 'customers' in the schools and districts."


Service Awards Presented to Employees at Sacramento County Office of Education Employee Recognition Day, August 17, 2004


  • GARY BARKER, Social Worker—Special Education
  • LYN EFKEN, Program Specialist—Special Education
  • JULES GRUEN, Resource Teacher—Special Education/RSP
  • DEBBIE HONSA—HOLDEN, Coordinator—District Fiscal Services


  • PATRICIA ALEXANDER, Staff Secretary—Special Education/SEEDS
  • DEBBIE CALVELLO, Infant Educator—Special Education/ Infant Development Program
  • MAHALIA MANKER, Program Analyst—Prevention & Student Services
  • BRUCE SMITH, Para-Educator—Special Education


  • BOB ARMOUR, Teacher— Regional Occupational Program
  • DAN CALHOUN, Teacher— Regional Occupational Program
  • MICHELLE DeMENNO, Teacher—Sly Park Environmental Education Center
  • LINDA MITCHELL, Principal—Regional Occupational Program


  • VICKI AASEN, Language, Speech & Hearing Specialist—Special Education
  • LORRAINE BISHOP, Executive Assistant—Special Education
  • JENNIFER BROWN, Physical/Occupational Therapist—Special Education/Infant Development Program
  • LORI COLBURN, Financial Analyst—Computer, Network & Telecommunication Support
  • ANDREA FINLEY, Para—Educator—Special Education
  • KEVIN GRADY, Resource Teacher—Special Education/RSP
  • DEBRA HICKEY, Para—Educator—Special Education
  • MARY ANN JOHNSON, Para—Educator—Special Education
  • SHARON JOHNSON, Para—Educator—Special Education
  • BOB LADRIGUE, Para—Educator—Special Education
  • JOELLE ORROCK, Project Specialist—Prevention & Student Services
  • DON POPE, Financial Analyst—District Fiscal Services
  • HALIMDEEN SHIFA, Job Developer—Special Education
  • LIZ WALKER, Program Analyst—Special Education/SEEDS


  • ROSANA CHAVEZ, Senior Personnel Technician—Personnel
  • DANA EAGEN, Teacher—Special Education/ Infant Development Program
  • SUZANNE FLETCHER, Database Designer—Outreach & Technical Assistance Network
  • STEVE GASKILL, Teacher—Special Education
  • CAROL GUARDIA, Area Coordinator/Principal—Community Schools
  • ELVIA GUZMAN, Infant Educator—Special Education/Infant Development Program
  • DORIS IVY, Librarian—Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
  • CINDY KENNEDY, Project Specialist—Prevention & Student Services
  • KATHLEEN LARSON, School Psychologist—Special Education
  • DAWN McCARRON, Program Analyst—California Technology Assistance Project /Instructional Technology & Learning Resources
  • MARGUERITE McCLEAN, Language, Speech & Hearing Specialist—Special Education/Infant Development Program
  • STEPHEN TURNER, Teacher—Sly Park Environmental Education Center
  • DENORA WATTS—PORTER, Teacher—Regional Occupational Program


  • SHARON ARAKI, Infant Educator—Special Education/Infant Development Program—1976-2004
  • LYNN ASHBURN, Nurse—Special Education—1998-2003
  • MARCIA BEKINS, School Psychologist—Special Education—1989-2004
  • RICK BERGMAN, Director—Regional Occupational Program—1976-2004
  • LINDA BERSINGER, Executive Director—School Leadership Center—199-2004
  • ED BREWER, Teacher—Juvenile Court Schools—1998-2004
  • DEBBIE CALVELLO, Infant Educator—Special Education/Infant Development Program—1979-2004
  • MIKE CARLSON, Deputy Superintendent—Administration/Support Services—1986-2004
  • ROSE CORNEJO, Para-Educator—Special Education—1996-2004
  • LYNDA CULP, Principal—Special Education/ RSP—1985-2004
  • JIM DAVIS, Teacher—Regional Occupational Program—1975-2004
  • GWEN DOSHER, Administrative Assistant—Administration/Special Education Local Plan Area—2000-2004
  • BETSY EAVES, Associate Chief Administrative Officer—Reading Lions Center—1998-2004
  • PEGGY EDGERLY, Para-Educator—Juvenile Court Schools—1979-2004
  • BOB ESPARZA, Para-Educator—Special Education—1995-2004
  • ROSE MARIE GALLO, Teacher—Regional Occupational Program—1980-2004
  • JULES GRUEN, Resource Teacher—Special Education/RSP—1973-2004
  • MITCH HALL, Director—Instructional Technology & Learning Resources/California Technology Assistance Project—1999-2004
  • WANDA HANSEN, Teacher—Special Education—1989-2004
  • STEPHEN HOPKINS, Principal—Sly Park Environmental Education Center—1974-2004
  • SHARON JONES, Administrative Assistant—School Leadership Center—1987-2004
  • PETER LEE, Deputy Superintendent—Administration/Administration & Student Programs—1976-2004
  • MARY MACK, Principal—Juvenile Court Schools—1965-2004
  • DR. NIEL MALVETTI, Director-Training, Development & Research—1974-2004
  • TRUDY MAZER, Teacher—Regional Occupational Program—1986-2004
  • TED McCADE, Teacher-Juvenile Court Schools—1971-2004
  • MARGUERITE McCLEAN, Language, Speech & Hearing Specialist—Special Education/Infant Development Program—1993-2004
  • DR. DAVID P. MEANEY, County Superintendent of Schools-Administration—1985-2004
  • DIANA MICKELA, Director—Community Schools & ED Programs—1972-2004
  • STEVE MOE, Teacher—Regional Occupational Program/Special Education—1998-2004
  • SADEGH MOTIEY, Para-Educator—Special Education—1996-2004
  • LYNN MURPHY, Language, Speech & Hearing Specialist—Special Education—2001-2004
  • PATRICK MURPHY, Program Specialist—Special Education—1975-2004
  • BILL PALMER, Director—Regional System of District & School Support—2000-2004
  • BETTY PEARCE, MIS Specialist/Attendance Accounting—Student Attendance —1980-2004
  • PAUL PECHIN, Program Manager—Mathematics, K-12—2001-2004
  • ADELE RIEGELS, Coordinator—College Horizons/Cal-SOAP—1999-2004
  • DONALD SANCHEZ, Teacher—Juvenile Court Schools—1992-2004
  • JERRI SCOTT, Area Coordinator/Principal—Special Education—1970-2004
  • HALIMDEEN SHIFA, Job Developer—Special Education—1988-2004
  • LEE SHOEMAKER, Teacher—Community Schools—1997-2004
  • MARIE-LOU SILVEIRA, Para-Educator—Juvenile Court Schools—1980-2004
  • GAI SPIEGEL, Counselor—Regional Occupational Program—1996-2004
  • LOIS STATUM, Curriculum Specialist-K-12 Reading/Language Arts - 2002-2004
  • DOUG SWANEY-SIMMONS, Behavioral Management Technician—Special Education—1984-2003
  • MIKE TRAINOR, Teacher—Juvenile Court Schools—1989-2004
  • BETTY WILHELM, Program Analyst—Outreach and Technical Assistance Network/Internet & Media Services—1977-2004
  • JUDY YAMAMOTO, Area Coordinator/Principal—Special Education—1990-2004
  • SUE YOUNG, Coordinator-Personnel Operations—1998-2004
  • NANCY ZUCKERMAN, Language, Speech & Hearing Specialist—Special Education/Infant Development Program—1972-2004


JULY 2003

  • CLASSIFIED: PARRISH CHAVEZ, Printing & Production Specialist—Printing & Production Services
  • CERTIFICATED: TERRY FERGUSON, Teacher—Special Education/Infant Development Program


  • CLASSIFIED: JUDY HASELDEN, Para-Educator—Special Education
  • CERTIFICATED: LISA WALKER, Teacher—Special Education


  • CLASSIFIED: MARILYN KING, Program Analyst—Prevention & Student Services
  • CERTIFICATED: MARLA AUTREY, Teacher—Juvenile Court Schools


  • CLASSIFIED: JOHN SCHWEFEL, Senior Financial Analyst—Financial Services
  • CERTIFICATED: TERRY AHRENS, Teacher—Regional Occupational Program


  • CLASSIFIED: BETTY POOLE, Infant Educator—Special Education/Infant Development Program
  • CERTIFICATED: TED SMITH, Teacher—Special Education


  • CLASSIFIED: MARIA ESPARZA, Registrar—Community Schools
  • CERTIFICATED: SHARON BOTKIN, Teacher—Special Education


  • CLASSIFIED: CAROLYN FOSTER, Database Designer/Information Systems Analyst—Internet & Media Services
  • CERTIFICATED: JAN VALINE, Teacher—Community Schools


  • CLASSIFIED: JANET CARTER, Para-Educator—Special Education

MARCH 2004

  • CLASSIFIED: DIANA WELTY, Program Analyst—Regional System of District & School Support
  • CERTIFICATED: TERRI EDINBURGH, Teacher—Special Education

APRIL 2004

  • CLASSIFIED: JUDY BLUNK, Para-Educator—Juvenile Court Schools
  • CERTIFICATED: MARY McCART, Teacher—Juvenile Court Schools

MAY 2004

  • CLASSIFIED: CHERYL ROBERTS, Program Analyst—K-12 Reading/Language Arts
  • CERTIFICATED: MONICA HODGES, Teacher—Sly Park Environmental Education Center

JUNE 2004

  • CLASSIFIED: LYNN McGROARTY, Financial Analyst—District Fiscal Services
  • CERTIFICATED: FRED CASTILLO, Teacher—Juvenile Court Schools

Employees Who Passed Away During 2003-04 Fondly Remembered

  • DR. ROBERT BRANCH, Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools-Administration (retired)
  • SIGNE DAVIS, Para-Educator-Juvenile Court Schools
  • FRANCIE TIDEY, Director-AVID/Cal-SOAP, College Horizons
ERD logo: Aloha, Mahalo, Aloha: Greetings, gratitude, farewell

"Aloha, Mahalo, Aloha" (greetings, gratitude, farewell) was chosen as the event theme to welcome new employees, acknowledge current employees, and bid farewell to retiring staff.​