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Board Passes Resolutions Supporting Ballot Propositions

Several Statewide Ballot Measures Impact Schools


At its October 4 meeting, the Sacramento County Board of Education approved a series of resolutions in support of propositions on the November 8, 2016 California ballot that would have an impact on school funding in the state.

  • Resolution 16-08 in Support of Proposition 55: The California Children's Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016
  • Resolution 16-09 in Support of Proposition 56: The California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016
  • Resolution 16-10 in Support of Proposition 58: The LEARN (Language Education, Acquisition and Readiness Now) Initiative
  • Resolution 16-11 in Support of Proposition 51: The Kindergarten through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016

There are a total of 17 initiatives on California's November ballot. Fifteen initiatives were placed on the ballot by citizens through signature petitions, and two by the State Legislature.