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CA Common Core Standards? There’s an App for That!

SCOE Creates Resource for Teachers and Administrators


California teachers who want to make sure their lessons meet the standards can now just check their smartphones. The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) announces the release of a free eStandards Web app that connects K-12 teachers and administrators to the California Common Core State Standards.

With the Web app, users can quickly find California's K-12 math standards and Language Arts standards by subject, grade, and category on their smartphones and other mobile devices. This serves as a great reference tool for anyone who wants to read and better understand the standards.

"We are always looking for new and better ways to help our teachers," said Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon. "It is our hope that this California Common Core resource will help teachers and curriculum specialists better apply the standards in their daily lessons."

The California Common Core State Standards "eStandards" Web app was designed to facilitate collaborative planning and decision-making among teachers. It is streamlined and simple, yet extremely helpful for teachers and administrators to quickly reference the Common Core Standards.

"Today, SCOE is placing important information about the standards right into the palm of a teacher's hand," said Sue Stickel, Deputy Superintendent. "This information will serve as a great reference tool for students, teachers, and families to better understand the standards."

The Web app is freely available and optimized for iOS and Android smartphone users. An enhanced, searchable version of the service, including additional resources, will be available in the coming months in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market. The eStandards Common Core website provides similar information to traditional computer users.

In September 2010, SCOE provided the staff for the California Academic Content Standards Commission's work in developing the standards, including retired experts in the area of English language arts and mathematics. Deputy Superintendent Stickel served as Project Director.

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