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Board of Education Declares April as the Month to Celebrate Public Schools

Resolutions Recognize “Public Schools Month” and “Public School Volunteer Week”

On March 15, the Sacramento County Board of Education adopted two resolutions designed to shine a spotlight on our public schools and honor those who donate their time to help our students and schools succeed.

Sacramento County Board of Education Resolution No. 11-04 designates April as "Public Schools Month" to focus attention on how our public schools have educated and enabled the nation's youth to participate in and contribute to their own version of the American dream. This month is set aside to urge communities and educational institutions to appropriately recognize the efforts of teachers, administrators, and students of the public school system.

Resolution No. 11-05 declares April 17-23 as "Public School Volunteer Week." Project Appleseed, the National Campaign for Public School Improvement, began Public School Volunteer Week in 1997, which is annually recognized the third week in April to provide opportunities in which parents, guardians, caregivers, and members of local communities can volunteer in their local public schools.

Public School Volunteer Week is also a great opportunity for the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) to raise awareness about the need for members of the local community to become active in the LINKS Mentor Program, which is a voluntary program for Community School students. The goal of the LINKS program is to prepare students to make necessary choices that lead to self-sufficiency, increased academic achievement, resourcefulness and leadership skills.

To learn more about the LINKS Mentoring Program, call (916) 228-2201.