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SCOE Students Honored in Special GED Ceremony

General Educational Development Certificate Earned by 22 Students

GED recipients listening to speech

On June 8, 2011, the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) honored students who earned their GED (General Educational Development Test) certificates through a special program offered by SCOE.

The 22 students honored at a recognition ceremony were the first to take part in and complete the special GED program offered through SCOE education programs at the following school sites:

  • Boys & Girls Club LINKS Academy
  • Elinor L. Hickey Jr. /Sr. High School
  • Gerber Community School
  • North Area Community School

"Congratulations for taking this important step," Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon told the students. "But I hope you don't consider this as closing one chapter in your lives. I hope you look at this as the beginning of a new chapter, one that involves the future and all the possibilities it brings."

Assisting Superintendent Gordon in awarding certificates were: Sacramento County Board of Education Trustee Greg Geeting; Assistant Superintendent Tim Taylor; Mary Ruth Bell, Ed.D., Director III, Student Programs; Jaime Calderon, Interim Principal; Kevin Elkington, GED Teacher; Canyon Twer, ROP Teacher.

The GED can help recipients get a job, apply to college, or gain acceptance to the armed services. It is the diploma adults can receive if they did not earn their conventional high school diploma.

Studies have shown that individuals with a high school diploma or GED realize an increase in annual earnings over non-high school grads, and that all U.S. employers consider individuals with a GED the same as traditional graduates with regard to hiring, salary, and opportunity for advancement. In addition, according to the College Board, more than 90% of colleges and universities accept the GED credential as equivalent to a traditional high school diploma.

GED recipient holding certificate
Seated GED recipients