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SCOE Community School Students Receive Diplomas

Combined Graduating Classes of Three Programs Honored

Graduates posing on stairs

An energetic crowd of proud family members, friends, and teachers cheered as the graduating classes from the Elinor Lincoln Hickey High School, North Area Community, and Carson Creek High School campuses received their diplomas during a June 20 commencement exercise.

Held at the Sierra Health Foundation due to an ongoing renovation project near the Hickey campus site, the ceremony acknowledged the academic achievements of 17 students graduating from Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) programs.

In addressing the graduating classes, Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon told the students to appreciate their accomplishments and their own value.

"I hope you realize that because of your effort and dedication you have many things to be proud of and there are many things in your life for which you should be thankful," Superintendent Gordon said. "You are leaving your campuses with more than a piece of paper; you have new skills and experiences that will carry you out into the workforce, and possibly further, to higher education."

Principal Byron Lockhart was assisted in presenting diplomas to the students by County School Board Trustee Gretchen Bender, and Board Trustee-Elect Greg Geeting.

Deputy Superintendent Marty Cavanaugh praised not only the graduating students but also their families and guardians.

"To our families and other loved ones here today, please look at these graduates with great pride because they are a very unique group of young people," Cavanaugh said. "They took on a tough challenge and they were successful. They were leaders in the classrooms and leaders at their schools."

Family members, friends, mentors, school faculty, and staff cheered the graduates and celebrated at a reception following the ceremony.

Elinor Lincoln Hickey Jr./Sr. High School is a community school dedicated to providing students an opportunity to continue their education and experience a significant positive personal change in their lives. Although the program focuses on academic success, the development of positive interpersonal skills and social interactions are important components of the school's program. Students have the opportunity to benefit from enrollment in the general community school class and in an extended-day LINKS program. LINKS students have the opportunity to enroll in various ROP classes, participate in Work Experience Education, meet with mentors, participate in special industry tours, and utilize the Career Success Center for vocational goal setting and career exploration.

The North Area Community School serves public school students in grades 7-12 who are referred by school districts located primarily in the north and northwest portions of Sacramento County. In addition to district referrals for expelled students or referrals by the district's School Attendance Review Board (SARB), the Probation Department may make referrals through the student's home school district. Students currently homeless may also be referred to the program.

Gretchen Bender and Greg Geeting

County School Board Trustee Gretchen Bender (left) and Board Trustee-Elect Greg Geeting (far right) helped to present diplomas to the students.

Graduate holding diploma in the air