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Summer 2001 Professional Development Catalog Released

“Reaching for the Standards” Lists Continuing Education Opportunities

Reaching for the Standards cover screenshot

The 2001 professional development catalog lists continuing education opportunities for teachers, administrators, and others.

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) has released its annual professional development catalog, which lists continuing education opportunities for teachers, administrators, and others affiliated with the field of education. "Reaching for the Standards" is produced by the Instructional Support Services Department of the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE).

Says Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools Dr. David P. Meaney, "We believe that the ongoing professional development which we provide for educators and members of the community will assist every student in reaching or surpassing grade-level performance in the K–12 California Content Standards."

The professional development catalog is a publication of SCOE's Instructional Support Services Division, which provides countywide and regional leadership in the implementation of research-based strategies for improving students achievement; programs for safe schools as well as for drug, alcohol, and pregnancy prevention; positive youth development; family-school involvement; character education; new teacher support; large-scale assessment and many other program areas.

In addition to listing courses provided by the Instructional Support Services Division, "Reaching for the Standards" includes professional development opportunities offered through other SCOE-related departments—including Instructional Technology and Learning Resources, the Center for Youth Citizenship; and Training, Development, and Research. In addition, summer workshops and institutes from a variety of education agencies in the ten-county area served by the Capital Region Professional Development Center at SCOE are included in the catalog.