SCOE 21CSLA: Leadership Coaching

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The SCOE 21CSLA Leadership Coaching strand is designed to support and develop leadership capacity. Coaching is individualized, job-embedded, and research-based, supporting leaders in reaching their highest potential. Participants collaborate with a leadership coach, enabling them to focus on their strengths, opportunities, and professional aspirations and goals. They will engage in ongoing dialogue, feedback, and opportunities for reflection.

No cost for participants committed to engaging in 25 hours of leadership coaching during the 2023–24 academic year. Applications are currently being accepted.


Coaching Outcomes

  • Plan and implement programs, practices, and procedures to create more equitable outcomes and meet the needs of all students
  • Build capacity to achieve professional and organizational goals
  • Enhance the ability to cultivate a culture of reflection and continuous improvement
  • Deepen collaboration and problem-solving skills
  • Meet challenges and opportunities efficiently and effectively

Participant Groups

Leadership coaching is available to:

  • Teacher Leaders (who primarily work outside of the classroom supporting other teachers or site/district programs)
  • Site and Central Office Leaders (holding a Clear Administrative Services Credential)

Participants receive 25 hours of job-embedded, confidential coaching during the school year. Coaching will be delivered online and in person with dates and times scheduled mutually by the participants and coaches.

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