Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

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Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) is a state-funded program in California, meant to reduce tobacco use among young people and educate them about the dangers of tobacco use—including new products aimed directly at them. Through instruction and educational activities, students gain social skills and knowledge that will help them avoid these risks. TUPE, funded by the 1988 Proposition 99 and 2017 Proposition 56 tobacco taxes, also provides intervention and cessation services to youth who are currently using tobacco products.

In Sacramento County, TUPE also provides technical assistance to school districts to develop effective tobacco education programs. Local work is overseen by the Prevention & Early Intervention Department at the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), which provides technical assistance and training opportunities for educators and community members interested in preventing tobacco use among youth.

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Signs a Teen May Be Vaping

SCOE has produced a public service announcement video for families, reminding them about the importance of watching for signs of teen vaping. Signs include:

  • Moody and jittery behavior—Nicotine cravings and withdrawals severely affect mood and behavior.
  • Difficulty paying attention or staying focused—Vaping can affect concentration and memory.
  • Decreased ability to communicate—Distracted with a desire to vape and lack of ability to concentrate.
  • Consuming excessive amounts of water—Vaping can cause “dry mouth” and cause users to be hydrated.
  • Fruity smells without an obvious source—Vaping can have a fruity smell even if there is not any smoke.
  • Decrease in normal activities—Money spent on vaping means less money for their usual activities.
  • Excessive spending—Funding a vaping habit takes a financial toll.
  • Mysterious “disappearances”—Leaves the room to vape.
  • Possessing an abundance of USB drives and/or asthma inhalers—Vaping devices can be disguised as USB drives or appear similar to inhalers.

For more information, download an e-cigarettes tip sheet from the Office of the Surgeon General, or get quick facts about e-cigarettes from the CDC.

Program-Related Services

  • Tobacco-free school certification
  • California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) administrations and data sharing training
  • Grant writing support
  • Technical assistance to districts preparing applications for grades 6–12 funding
  • Current research on adolescent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use, as well as effective and intervention strategies
  • Increasing student awareness of the dangers of tobacco
  • Workshops for students on tobacco prevention and advocacy
  • Countywide training coordination
  • Meeting program compliance requirements

TUPE Grantees in Sacramento County

  • Tier 1: Arcohe Union SD, Galt Joint Union Elementary SD
  • Tier 2: Elk Grove USD, Folsom Cordova USD, Sacramento City USD, San Juan USD, Twin Rivers USD

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