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Prior Operation Recognition Diploma Recipients

​​​​The Sacramento County Board of Education conducts special ceremonies to award high school diplomas through Operation Recognition. Family and friends of the honorees are invited to attend.

Sacramento County Operation Recognition ceremonies are conducted in conjunction with a meeting of the County Board of Education. The event is traditionally opened with a flag ceremony conducted by a local high school, youth, or veterans' organization. Each honoree is introduced and presented with his or her high school diploma.

In conjunction with each ceremony, diploma recipients and guests join with school board trustees and community leaders for a reception. Representatives from the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, and other veterans' organizations and agencies participate as well. Refreshments are served. The honorees and their families pose for photos and are often interviewed by members of the media.

Operation Recognition ceremonies are held annually by the Sacramento County Board of Education to accommodate diploma requests. Diplomas may be requested by submitting an application. Although participation in Operation Recognition ceremonies is optional, the majority of qualifying applicants elect to attend.

The Board of Education has awarded diplomas to the following people:

May 21, 2019 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Jerry Lane Cushing
  • Charles Edward Montue, Jr.
  • Benjamin Spurlock Robinson

May 15, 2018 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Ernest Arthur Costa (WW II / Korean War)
  • Telesfor Lucero (WW II / Korean War)—posthumous award
  • Michael John McCoy (Vietnam War)
  • Harold Glen Price (Vietnam War)
  • Ronald Lester Van Sant (Vietnam War)
  • Jessy Sheldon Vincent (WW II)
  • Tom Zayas (Korean War)

May 16, 2017 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Robert Joseph Arnold (Vietnam War, U.S. Army)
  • Solomon Alexander Chandler (World War II, U.S. Navy)—posthumous award
  • Robert Norman Farley (World War II, U.S. Army Air Corps)—posthumous award
  • Earl J. Johnson (Vietnam War, U.S. Navy)

May 17, 2016 [news story/photo gallery]

  • James Buchanan (Korean War, U.S. Air Force)
  • Robert Hitson (Vietnam War, U.S. Army)
  • Marrion Ray (World War II & Korean War, U.S. Army)—posthumous award
  • Dennis Slack (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)
  • John Spuehler (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)​

May 19, 2015 [news story/photo gallery]

  • James L. Davis (Vietnam War, U.S. Navy)
  • Clifford M. Kanzler (Korean War, U.S. Navy)
  • Joseph C. Martinez (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)
  • Daniel L. Pinola (Vietnam War, U.S. Air Force)
  • Peter Rincon (World War II, U.S. Army)—posthumous award

May 20, 2014 [news story/photo gallery]

  • David Levant Felt (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)—posthumous award
  • Benoise Davis Wade (Vietnam War, U.S. Army)
  • Marcus David Wells, Jr. (Vietnam War, U.S. Army)

May 21, 2013 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Arthur Flores Aleman (Vietnam War, U.S. Navy)
  • Douglas Jon Borges (World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War, U.S. Air Force)
  • Edward Charles Chop (Korean War, U.S. Marine Corps)
  • William Raymond De La Ossa (Vietnam War, U.S. Army)
  • Jerry LeRoy Dodge (Korean War, U.S. Navy)
  • Larry Dennis Hayes, II (Vietnam War, U.S. Army)
  • Anthony Luis Lopez (Vietnam War, U.S. Army)
  • Fred Stilwell (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)

May 15, 2012 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Jose Morales Alvarado (Korean War, U.S. Air Force)
  • Andrew E. Anderson (World War II, U.S. Navy)
  • Glenn Dominic Carrasca (Vietnam War, U.S. Air Force)
  • Richard Lee McDuff (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)
  • Michael Dennis Posehn (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)

May 17, 2011 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Irving Bradley Cowan (Vietnam War, U.S. Air Force, National Guard, Air Force Reserve)
  • Mark Anthony Groom (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve)
  • Timothy Allen Haaby (Vietnam War, U.S. Marine Corps)
  • Willis Francis Mohr (Vietnam War, U.S. Army, Army Reserve)
  • Larry H. Soza (Korean War, U.S. Army, Army Reserve)
  • Richard Donald Steele (Korean War, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy)
  • Kenneth Brian Swartz (Vietnam War, U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy Reserve)
  • Lloyd Steve Thaler (Korean War, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force Reserve)—posthumous award
  • Clyde Coolidge Thornton, Jr. (Vietnam War, U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve)
  • Albert Raymond Willock (World War II, U.S. Army)—posthumous award

May 18, 2010 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Jeremiah Hannigan (Korean War & Vietnam War, Air Force & Marines)
  • Darrell Dwain Mann (Korean War, Navy)
  • Ben Tadamitsu Ogata (World War II, Army; World War II internee)—posthumous award
  • Albert R. Weaser (Vietnam War, Marines)
  • Jonathan M. Welense (Korean War, Navy)
  • Herbert Franklin Willock (Korean War, Air Force & Army)

May 26, 2009 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Ray William Ayres (World War II, Navy)
  • Oscar Bertsch (Korean War, Marines)
  • Delbert Edward Farmer (Korean War, Army)
  • Ralph Emmet Grebe (World War II, Army)—posthumous award
  • Milton Vincent Gregorio (World War II, Coast Guard)
  • Robert Laverne Hamilton, Sr. (Vietnam War, Army)
  • Santiago "Jim" Gonzales Morales (Korean War, Army)
  • Richard Raymond Reynolds (Vietnam War, Navy)
  • Satsuki May Shibata (interned at Tule Lake during World War II)
  • Michael F. Slater (Vietnam War, Marines)
  • Ira Van Houten (World War II, Army)
  • Raymond Louis Ward (World War II, Army)
  • William Everett Wilber (Korean War, Navy)
  • Sumiko "Sue" Yamamoto (interned at Poston, AZ and Tule Lake)

May 15, 2008 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Fred W. Allen (U.S. Marines, Korean War)
  • Dwight O. Baldwin (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Darrell Arthur Boykin (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Timothy John Callahan (U.S. Navy, Vietnam War)
  • Facundo Campoy (U.S. Army, Korean War)
  • Gerald Roosevelt Cheadle (U.S. Marines, Vietnam War)
  • Wayne Cowin (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Edwin Gilbert Cozby, Jr. (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Jerry Fung (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Roddy Fayette Gatdula (U.S. Air Force & Navy, World War II & Korean War)
  • John Olivarez Gonzales (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • William Albert Imhof (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Kazuo Denis Inouye (World War II internee, U.S. Army, World War II)
  • Frank M. (U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam War)
  • Robert Lee Keaton (U.S. Air Force, Korean War)
  • Danny Lane King (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Frank Joe Maldonado (U.S. Marines, Vietnam War)
  • John Lloyd McElroy (U.S. Navy, Korean War)
  • Wilfred Nuñez (U.S. Merchant Marines, Korean War & Vietnam War)
  • Albert Emanuel Nygren (U.S. Army, World War II)
  • Ernesto Muñoz Ortega (U.S. Navy, Vietnam War)
  • Tsutomu Tom Ota (World War II internee)
  • Melvin Aloysius Rose (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Joe Robert Secco (U.S. Coast Guard, Korean War)
  • Antonio Barrientos Tafoya (U.S. Army, Korean War)
  • J.C. Terry (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Ralph Cornelius Vanderhave (U.S. Army & Air Force, World War II & Korean War)
  • Mark Stephen Velarde (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Charles William Wagner (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Edward Wayne Weil (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Lawrence Wayne Windham (U.S. Army, Korean War)
  • Robert Ybarra (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Louis S. Zabala (U.S. Army, Korean War)

May 22, 2007 [news story/photo gallery]

  • David Eugene Brown (Army, Vietnam War)
  • Gilbert Randall Cabrera (Army, Vietnam War)
  • Henry Earl Davis (Marine Corps, Vietnam War)
  • Gordon Ray Grewe (Marine Corps, Vietnam War)
  • James Jerome Jimenez (Marine Corps, World War II and Korean War)
  • Floyd Kenneth May (Navy, Korean War)
  • Gregory Charles McNeill (Marine Corps, Vietnam War)
  • Robert Lee Mumphrey (Army, Vietnam War)
  • Eliseo Derege Peralta (Army, World War II)
  • Dan Joseph Pisani (Coast Guard, World War II)

May 24, 2006 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Sakaye Ishihara Aoki (World War II internee)
  • Richard Dale Balak (U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam War)
  • Floyd Edward Carney (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Carlos Cervantes (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Lewis Wayne Easter (U.S. Navy, Korean War & Vietnam War)
  • Frank Junior Garavito (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Richard C. Garlinghouse (U.S. Navy, Korean War)
  • Frank William Loscutoff (U.S. Army, Vietnam War)
  • Rex T. Rice, Sr. (U.S. Army, World War II)
  • Gordon Roberts (U.S. Navy, World War II & Korean War)
  • Donald Edward Strassburg (U.S. Navy, Vietnam War)
  • Floyd A. Van Dyke (U.S. Navy, World War II & Korean War)
  • Jay B. Wiley (U.S. Marine Corps, Korean War)
  • Danny Leon Willyard (U.S. Coast Guard, Vietnam War)

May 24, 2005 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Judge Albert, Jr. (U.S. Air Force, World War II & Korean War)
  • Oliveiro Avis (U.S. Army, Korean War)
  • George Combs (U.S. Army, World War II)
  • Jack Criswell (U.S. Navy, Korean War)
  • Cleveland Cushing (U.S. Navy, World War II & Korean War)
  • Kenneth DeSouza (U.S. Army, World War II)
  • Marvin Dowd (U.S. Marines, Korean War)
  • William Egan (U.S. Marine Corps, Korean War)
  • Thomas Ferrel (U.S. Marine Corps, World War II)
  • Clifford Fleischbein (U.S. Marine Corps, World War II)
  • Jay Gastelum (U.S. Navy, Korean War)
  • William Hall (U.S. Coast Guard & U.S. Army, World War II)
  • Paul Hamilton (U.S. Air Force, Korean War, Vietnam War)
  • August Heinitz (Army Air Corps, World War II)
  • Mike Ingle (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Charles Kelly (U.S. Coast Guard & U.S. Army, World War II)
  • John Koenck (U.S. Air Force, Korean War)
  • Franklin McClure (U.S. Air Force, Korean War)
  • John McNair (U.S. Marines, World War II)—posthumous award
  • Toyoko Nakatogawa (World War II Internee)
  • Frank Nickelson (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Franklin Puckett (U.S. Air Force, Korean War)
  • Raymond Rodriguez (U.S. Marines, World War II)
  • Clarence Schroeder (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Jay Shifflette (U.S. Air Force, Korean War)
  • Jimmy Sinetos (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Arthur Smith (World War II)
  • Earl Strauch (U.S. Navy, World War II)
  • Sumiko Washino Sumida (World War II Internee)
  • Henry Thienes (U.S. Navy, World War II)

June 1, 2004 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Oscar Garcia (Army Airbone, Korean War)
  • Lester Laird (Navy, World War II)
  • Charles Edward Marshall (Navy, World War II)
  • Roy C. Okino (Korean War Army & Internee)
  • Frederick Howard Turner (Navy, World War II)
  • Willis W. Wilson (Navy, World War II)

September 16, 2003

  • Donald Eugene Risney (Navy, World War II)

May 20, 2003 [news story/photo gallery]

  • William C. Anderson (Army, World War II & Korean War)
  • John Bollman (Army, World War II)
  • Carl John Dahlberg (Navy, World War II)
  • Harold P. Fong, Sr. (Army Air Force, World War II)
  • Joseph Gomez (Army, World War II)
  • Wesley J. Holden (Navy, World War II & Korean War)
  • Carl J. Keehn (Coast Guard, World War II)—posthumous award
  • Richard W. Lee (Navy, Korean War)
  • Alex O. Lopez (Army, World War II)
  • Pasquale "Pat" Muzzillo (Marine, World War II)
  • Joe Nagasawa (Army, Korean War; World War II Internee)
  • Robert Nobuyuki Oda (World War II Internee)
  • Albert Stinson (Army, World War II)
  • Shiro "Albert" Tahara (World War II Internee)
  • Alfred M. Thomsen (Navy, World War II)
  • Stanley Tufts (Navy, World War II)
  • Moses E. Turner (Army, Korean War)—posthumous award
  • Harry W. Winston (Army, World War II)

June 4, 2002 [news story/photo gallery]

  • Leonard Harry Hansen (Army, World War II)
  • Carmin Hawk (Army, Korean War)
  • Billy G. Matthews (Army, World War II)
  • Ray G. Sample (Army Air Corps, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, World War II)

January 15, 2002

  • Richard L. Aiello (Marine, Korean War)
  • Maurice Carsey (Army, Korean War)
  • Jim Noburu Fujikawa (Internee, World War II)
  • Terry Teruko Fujikawa (Internee, World War II)—posthumous award
  • Akira Iwatsuru (Internee, Army, World War II)
  • Earl Keer (Navy, World War II)
  • Darrell Moore (Navy, Korean War)
  • Masahiro Nakajo (Internee, Army, Korean War)
  • Charles W. Perkins (Army, World War II)
  • Keith L. Roberts (Navy, Korean War)
  • Mike Wokich (Army Air Corps, World War II)
  • William Young (Air Force, Korean War)

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