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Breaking Barriers: 2024 Reentry Grads Overcome Challenges

Sacramento Community Based Coalition Honors Successful Clients

Poasi Linauna

Poasi Linauna delivered a speech at the Breaking Barriers 2024 SCBC Graduation.

Graduation marks a significant milestone—especially for adults enrolled in a reentry program—symbolizing their dedication and resilience in overcoming challenges on the path from custody back to the community. The journey is a testament to their willingness to embrace change and strive for a brighter future. In a nation that values second chances, reentry program graduates have not only proven themselves worthy but also inspirational to others facing similar struggles, a beacon of hope and possibility for all.

Nearly 300 reentry clients on parole were celebrated at a ceremony and dinner on April 18 for successfully fulfilling their Sacramento Community Based Coalition (SCBC) program requirements. This included completing life skills coursework, academics, vocational training, employment readiness, and treatment programs tailored to their needs.

Alongside fulfilling program requirements, 10 individuals donned caps and gowns to receive their high school diplomas at the ceremony. Poasi Linauna was among them and delivered a speech during the event.

“With this program I found my purpose and my life today is going very well. I’m standing here as a graduate thanks to SCBC and my caring case manager,” said Linauna. “I’m truly grateful to be standing here today, having earned my high school diploma, fully employed, and a place to live,” Linauna continued. “I never thought my life would make it to this point.”

Through a collaborative effort with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) has played a leadership role in adults transitioning from custody, in prison or jail, to community since 2007. The Reentry Program not only helps clients reach their goals but also makes communities safer, increases employment rates, restores families, and reduces recidivism rates.

SCBC’s 2024 Breaking Barriers Partners

  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Sacramento County Board of Education
  • CDCR Division of Adult Program Operations
  • Division of Rehabilitative Programs
  • Our Supporting Parole Agents
  • Safety Center
  • Northern California Construction Training, Inc.
  • Time of Change
  • SCOE Printing Services
  • The Dedicated Staff of SCOE’s Reentry Programs
  • Bridges Professional Treatment Services, Inc.
  • Center for Employment Opportunities
  • WestCare Foundation