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More than 18,000 Served by Reentry Programs Since 2007

SCOE Helping Parolees and Probationers Succeed

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Imagine how daunting the experience is for men and women reentering the community from prison and jail. They often face stigma, difficulty finding employment, challenges overcoming previous problems, and relationships that need to be rebuilt. Support and access to resources are crucial in helping these individuals successfully transition from custody back into the community.

Since 2007, the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Reentry Programs have assisted thousands of clients. Operated across the region in partnership with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), services are offered in multiple counties.

A successful Yolo County client is just one recent example of how effective the program can be. Initially having difficulty with program attendance and struggling with substance abuse, the client chose to complete a residential treatment program and was given a second chance to participate. He completed a court-mandated domestic violence program and ultimately graduated from the Reentry Program. Since then, he’s been promoted from cook to kitchen manager at the restaurant where he works and is doing well in classes at a local community college.

Recent Program Highlights

Seven Reentry Program sites offer a wide variety of services, including academic support, job readiness assistance, vocational training, life skills lessons, and substance use treatment. The program is offered in Sacramento, Nevada, Placer, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba counties with clients being referred by their supervising agent/officer.

Sacramento Community-Based Coalition

The Sacramento Community-Based Coalition (SCBC) is proud to offer full-service virtual programming, providing support to those who can’t complete coursework in person. SCBC’s annual resource fair is the largest of its kind in California, offering its clients the opportunity to connect with more than 80 agencies, including help with things like housing, substance abuse, education and literacy, vocational training, college, child support, and physical and mental health. SCBC was established in 2007. Additional funding comes from Sacramento County Probation.

Placer Reentry Program

The Placer Reentry Program (PREP) has developed and implemented a Theft Education curriculum as part of a Placer County District Attorney program that allows individuals who are arrested for theft to take an education course to help them address negative thinking patterns and avoid being charged. Participants also receive an individualized assessment to identify other needs that may be helpful for them, such as treatment for mental health and substance use, access to a free vocational training program, enrollment for high school diploma education, or support in finding employment. PREP has increased Spanish programs and services for youth on Probation, and partners with Placer County Health and Human Services on weekly public substance use screening assessments. PREP was established in 2015. Additional funding comes from Placer and Nevada Counties.

Yolo Day Reporting Centers

Yolo Day Reporting Centers (Yolo DRC) is implementing Spanish-language services for in-custody clients. It is also offering a hydroponics class. Yolo DRC was established in 2013. Additional funding comes from Yolo County.

Yuba–Sutter Day Reporting Center

The Yuba–Sutter Day Reporting Center (Yuba–Sutter DRC) is co-located at the Yuba County Probation TEAM Center to help deliver integrated services. The Yuba-Sutter DRC partners with the Yuba County Office of Education on its Second Chance Diploma Program. It also holds a quarterly event for clients that includes a guest speaker and the opportunity to meet with a variety of organizations that can assist with reentry needs. Yuba–Sutter DRC was founded in 2021.

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