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Career Exploration Empowers Students at SCOE Campuses

Three Days of Activities Highlight a World of Job Possibilities

Students learning about circuits

Over three days, students participated in activities that informed them about a wide variety of career possibilities. One project about circuit-building taught them about engineering and electronics options.

Students from Elinor Lincoln Hickey and Nathaniel S. Colley Jr./Sr. High Schools gathered in December for a transformative experience at the two Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Community School campuses. The three-day events were designed to expand student horizons and shape their futures. Nurturing a growth mindset, they embarked on a journey exploring career options across California’s various industry sectors.

Each session kicked off with an opening workshop designed to ignite curiosity and foster a sense of possibility. As they delved into the world of career exploration, the students took part in hands-on learning experiences that seamlessly integrated academic skills. English, math, and science were not just subjects but tools to unravel the mysteries of various career paths.

The students were fully immersed in their endeavors, particularly those exploring the fashion and business sectors. From shoe design to creating branding and logos that connected with the footwear, exploring sustainable fashion, and experimenting with tie-dye techniques, they broadened their understanding of career opportunities.

One of the days, the focus was on designing and constructing a self-scoring basketball hoop, which engaged their knowledge of sequences and coding. They also had the opportunity to try their hand at circuitry, showcasing their innovation and problem-solving skills. Culinary arts activities were part of the series for students interested in the hospitality sector.

“It was exciting to see the engagement level of the students remain so high that most of them continued to work on projects even during scheduled breaks,” shared Coordinator Michelle McIntosh with SCOE’s College and Career Readiness team.

Upon completing the three-day program, the students not only increased their awareness of career options, but they also built confidence in their futures. Students were able to showcase their creativity, demonstrating the transformative power of exploration and hands-on learning. Because of this experience, SCOE students will have an increased prospect of a future with endless possibilities.

Student posing in front of tie dye t-shirts
Student working on a mini-car project with on-board control
Girls posing
Student receiving award certificate