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Resiliency Scholarship Recipients Recognized for 2023

Award Supports Students Who Demonstrate Tenacity and Perseverance

Gary K. Hart Resiliency Scholarship

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is announcing that six students are receiving the Gary K. Hart Resiliency Scholarship for 2023, with each student being awarded $1,000. An additional six $1,000 renewal scholarships were awarded to 2022 recipients who are continuing their education.

Established by the Sacramento County Board of Education, the scholarship supports graduating students attending its Court Schools, Community Schools, Senior Extension Program, and Leo Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School. The scholarship is named in honor of Gary K. Hart (1943–2022), who served as California Secretary of Education, a California State Assemblymember, and a California State Senator.

Many SCOE students demonstrate extraordinary tenacity and perseverance in overcoming personal obstacles as they complete their education and advance their futures. The scholarships enable students who have graduated from SCOE programs to pursue educational opportunities and vocational training beyond high school. The recipients are also matched with mentors to help support them as they navigate their post-secondary education and/or vocational training.

Questions and Donations

For scholarship questions, please call (916) 228-2575.

Giving Back to Education

SCOE is fortunate to receive support from a variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals. These generous partners help students achieve their fullest potential through volunteer work, collaborations, financial donations, and other contributions. Learn more about ways you can give back to education.