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Experienced Adult Education Staff Recognized

Awards and Achievements for Dedicated SCOE Employees

Melinda Holt, Neda Anasseri, and Veronica Parker

(L–R) Melinda Holt, Neda Anasseri, and Veronica Parker have recently been recognized for their hard work and achievements.

Adult education provides opportunities for personal and professional development, often leading to dramatic improvements in things like career prospects, wages, social mobility, and community engagement.

Dedicated and knowledgeable Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) adult education experts work creatively with partners to provide support for those in the field, and several of SCOE staff have recently been recognized for their hard work and achievements:

  • Melinda Holt (OTAN Project Specialist)—recognized by the national Coalition on Adult Basic Education as a “COABE Champion.” Holt is an expert on educational technology, Google Suite, and technical assistance, and is the OTAN lead for in-person and virtual training.
  • Dr. Veronica Parker (CAEP Technical Assistance Project Coordinator)—received the California Council for Adult Education “Excellence in Support Services Award – Classified.” Dr. Parker has been instrumental in developing and leading CAEP TAP adult education professional development, guidance, technical assistance, and communications in California.
  • Penny Pearson (recently retired OTAN Coordinator)—received the CCAE “Dr. Robert Rupert Award” for her widely acknowledged impact on adult education. Pearson also received the “CCAE Life Membership Award” for outstanding service to the council at the chapter, section, and state levels.
  • Neda Anasseri (OTAN Coordinator of Technology Projects)—elected by members of Computer-Using Educators (CUE) to serve on the CUE Board of Directors for three years.

“SCOE’s many adult education achievements can be directly linked to the amazing staff,” said SCOE Adult Education Director Renee Collins. “Their knowledge, experience, passion for learning, and joy for sharing that learning have created a dynamic and responsive team.”

About the SCOE Adult Education Department

The Sacramento County Office of Education Adult Education Department provides technical assistance, professional development, coordinated communication services, and capacity building to adult education agencies throughout California with the goal of helping adult learners succeed—in their post-secondary education, career, and community. The department leads three major initiatives: