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Students Cast Votes in 2022 Statewide Mock Election

Program Teaches SCOE Students About the Election Process

Students posing with Mock Election Polling Place sign

Students from Palmiter and Hickey participated in the October 11 California Student Mock Election.

Offering robust civic education in our schools empowers students and encourages them to be well-informed, active citizens and provides them with the fundamental tools to help improve the world around us. This week, the library at Leo A. Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School became a polling place as Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) students cast ballots in the 2022 California Student Mock Election.

Less than a month before the general election, the Palmiter students were joined by students from SCOE’s Eleanor Lincoln Hickey Jr./Sr. High School in voting for candidates for U.S. Senate, California Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and more. They also cast ballots on the seven propositions that will come before voters on Election Day (November 8).

The Student Mock Election is a California Secretary of State program that gives thousands of California students the opportunity to make their voices heard on the issues that affect them and their families. The mock election comes after Palmiter students voted last week for Student Council officers. SCOE students also researched the propositions on the ballot as part of the September California High School Voter Education Weeks, an effort to make sure students understand how important it is for them to participate in the election process and encourage them to pre-register to vote.

Students will be able to compare their mock election voting results to those of their peers around the state and to those being made by adult voters. The statewide results will be announced on October 14.

Student checking in to vote
Teacher helping student with ballot
Student checking in to vote