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Senior Extension Program Offers Flexibility to Finish H.S.

Former SCOE Students Returning to Mentor Others

Senior Extension Program graduate in cap and gown

Many high school students have unstable living arrangements, children to care for, or job requirements. Even though the students want to complete their high school education, they face extra graduation challenges because of these other responsibilities.

To meet the needs of these individuals, the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) partners with local school districts to offer the Senior Extension Program. Young adults, ages 17–21, who need a very flexible model may enroll, and the program is tailored for each student’s specific needs. Each of SCOE’s Community Schools serves as a hub for Senior Extension.

Former Students Offering Additional Support

The Senior Extension Program launched a mentoring program this school year where former students return to campus and mentor current students. The mentors help students find direction as they work to complete their high school education. Call Principal Craig Bradford at (916) 228-2073 for more information.