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12/14 Public Comment: Board Trustee Area Adjustments

Population Reviews Are Conducted After Each U.S. Census

Sacramento County Board of Education: Education Empowers

The Sacramento County Board of Education is in the process of reviewing its seven trustee area boundaries to ensure they reflect population changes reported by the 2020 U.S. Census.

The difference in population between the smallest and largest trustee area must be less than 10%. Based on the assessment of 2020 Census data, the variance between the smallest and largest Board trustee areas is 8.3%—within the 10% threshold. Therefore, the Board's current trustee area boundaries may be maintained, or adjustments may be made to further balance the population.

Comment on Potential Adjustments

Public comment is requested on the current trustee areas and the potential adjustments that have been presented in four potential trustee area map scenarios.

The public is invited to submit written comments on the potential adjustment of trustee area boundaries or make comments during the December 14, 2021, meeting of the Sacramento County Committee on School District Organization, which will be held by teleconference. (Instructions for providing public comment at the December meeting are included in the linked meeting agenda.)