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Recipients of SCOE Resiliency Scholarship Honored for 2021

Board Recognizes Students Who Demonstrated Tenacity and Perseverance

SCOE Resiliency Scholarship

The Sacramento County Board of Education honored 12 students yesterday, the first recipients of the SCOE Resiliency Scholarship, with each student being awarded a $1,000 scholarship. Established by the Board, the scholarship supports graduating students who have attended SCOE Court Schools, Community Schools, Leo Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School, and the Senior Extension Program.

Many SCOE students demonstrate tenacity and perseverance in overcoming adverse challenges as they complete their education and advance their futures. The Resiliency Scholarship rewards those who have demonstrated determination and resilience in overcoming obstacles, helping support them in their pursuit of post-secondary education or vocational training. Recipients are also matched with mentors to support them as they navigate their post-secondary education and/or vocational training.

In a video played during the meeting, students gave testimonials and discussed their future educational plans.

Questions and Donations

For scholarship questions, please call (916) 228-2575.