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Workshops: Create Positive Conditions as Schools Reopen

Series of Videos and Downloadable Materials Available

Chart showing shared responsibilities: supportive environments, developmental relationships, and knowledge building

Workshop presenters encouraged leaders to set school goals and priorities, committing to holistic and equitable outcomes through school missions and all aspects of their practice.

As students return to in-person instruction, the focus on academic instruction will be intense. At the same time, both students and staff have experienced unprecedented levels of disruption and stress that will impact their ability to focus on learning. The “science of learning and development”—a concept that describes the connection between adversity, stress, and academic performance—offers techniques to calm students and staff, and create positive conditions for learning.

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) recently partnered with Turnaround for Children (a national organization focused on engaging students in a safe and supportive school culture) to offer a series of free workshops designed to help districts understand the concept of science of learning, and apply strategies and tools that are grounded in this science. The goal of the free series of 90-minute webinars is to help districts be better prepared for in-person instruction in the summer and/or fall.

Relationships, Routines, and Resilience: Reopening With the 3 R’s

Video recordings of the workshops, along with downloadable materials, are now available online to help districts prepare for in-person instruction this summer and fall.