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SCOE 2022 Teacher of the Year Nominees Announced

Teachers Vie to Represent SCOE at County Level

Thumbnail photos of nominees and staff during video conference

SCOE Teachers of the Year nominees were recognized during an online reception and given information about the competition.

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) hosted a reception online yesterday to honor its teachers who had been nominated as candidates for 2022 SCOE Teacher of the Year. The nominees represent the diversity of educational services provided by SCOE, ranging from programs for children with severe disabilities to intervention programs for youth. Many of the administrators, colleagues, parents of students, and fellow staff members who nominated the teachers joined the online celebration.

Nominees were given an overview of the process and encouraged to move forward in the competition—requiring written essays and a formal interview. SCOE will announce its 2022 Teacher of the Year selection in late April.

SCOE 2022 Teacher of the Year Nominees

  • Tamara Allen (Infant Development Program, Hiram Johnson)
  • Philip Cloeter (Alternative Education, Elinor Lincoln Hickey Jr./Sr. High School)
  • Kimberly Craven (Special Education/Mild-Moderate Program, Spinelli Elementary)
  • Carey Dickerson (Special Education/Moderate-Severe Program, Rio Linda High School)
  • Jayme Heal (Alternative Education/CARE Program, Folsom Middle School)
  • Joseph Linehan (Special Education Preschool, Hillsdale Head Start Program)
  • Pedro Marquez (Teacher Alternative Education, CARE Program/Center High School)
  • Nick Papagiannopoulos (Special Education/Mild-Moderate Program, Leo A. Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School)
  • Jessi Romankiw (Special Education/Moderate-Severe Program, Galt High School)
  • Ginger Schlavin (Outdoor Science Teacher, Sly Park Environmental Education Center)

Sacramento County Teachers of the Year Program

SCOE’s Teacher of the Year—along with teachers selected by all public school districts within Sacramento County and local charter schools—is invited each year to participate in the countywide Sacramento County Teachers of the Year Program. The program is coordinated by SCOE to recognize the achievements of local educators and to raise awareness of the valuable role that teachers play in the lives of their students and in the community.

At a recognition event planned for this August, two teachers will be identified as the Sacramento County Teachers of the Year and will be eligible to participate in the statewide competition.