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SCOE 2021 Classified Employee of the Year: James Wagnon

Maintenance Custodian to Represent SCOE in County Competition

James Wagnon

During an online ceremony, James Wagnon was announced as the SCOE 2021 Classified Employee of the Year.

During an online ceremony yesterday, Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon announced that James Wagnon has been selected as the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) 2021 Classified Employee of the Year. Wagnon is a Maintenance Custodian at SCOE’s Sly Park Environmental Education Center and will be recognized by the Sacramento County Board of Education at its May 4 meeting.

The annual SCOE Classified Employees of the Year program helps pay tribute to the efforts of SCOE’s outstanding classified employees. SCOE staff are nominated to compete. Following paper screening and formal interviews, one employee is named the SCOE Classified Employee of the Year.

Wagnon will now compete in the “Custodial and Maintenance Services” category in the Sacramento County Classified Employees of the Year competition, hoping to continue on to the state competition later this year. The California Department of Education (CDE) recognizes exemplary classified employees statewide who best represent California and symbolize contributions and commitment to education. Previous SCOE Classified Employees of the Year are listed online.

Classified employees are vital support staff who play a key role in making schools run smoothly and work to promote student achievement, safety, and health. The SCOE employees nominated for this honor are being recognized for their ongoing and outstanding performance of responsibilities contributing significantly to the success of SCOE programs, services, and special projects.

SCOE Classified Employees of the Year Competition Nominees

  • Alex Ayuli, Paraprofessional Educator (Special Education)
  • Jason Bartley, Lead Maintenance Worker (Support Services)
  • Karen Basurto-Atteberry, Program Analyst (School of Education)
  • Corrina Beatty, School Secretary (Court & Community Schools)
  • Matt Bustabade, Cook (Sly Park Environmental Education Center)
  • Georgina Court, Paraprofessional Educator (Special Education)
  • Jennifer Morones, Program Analyst (Student Assessment and Program Accountability/C-SAPA)
  • Bill Mullen, III, Technology Support/Trainer (Computer, Network, and Telecommunication Support/CNTS)
  • Eliane Perrone, Transition Specialist (Adult Re-Entry Program)
  • Connie Petersen, Head Cook (Sly Park Environmental Education Center)
  • Julie Quigley, Transition Specialist (Juvenile Court Schools)
  • Heather Scott, Infant Educator (Special Education)
  • Steve Vacek, Custodian (Support Services)
  • James Wagnon, Maintenance Custodian (Sly Park Environmental Education Center)
  • John Woodward, Multimedia Design Specialist (Communications Office)
  • Connie Zastrow, Printing and Production Specialist (Printing and Production Services)

Update 3/3/21: Added video interview.

James Wagnon standing in door of tractor

James Wagnon works at the Sly Park Environmental Education Center.

James Wagnon holding chainsaw

The SCOE maintenance custodian now moves on to the countywide competition.