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SCOE Success: Personnel Dept. Creatively Meeting Challenges

Remote Work, Strict Safety Measures Help Keep Workforce Operating Smoothly

Empty computer lab with computer monitors on tables

The Personnel Department has increased the number of testing sessions so that fewer people are in the computer lab at once, helping to ensure physical distancing.

Since the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the public health directives and school closures that accompanied it, the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) has been working on innovative and creative ways to continue its mission of providing leadership to ensure students are prepared for success.

SCOE’s Personnel Department has faced many logistical challenges due to physical distancing requirements and remote work schedules as staff members continue to maintain a smoothly operating workforce. Through hard work and teamwork, they have been successful in increasing their use of online and virtual technologies to continue selecting new employees, including new mental health clinicians for schools throughout the county. They are also accelerating a transition to a fully paperless hiring process.

Even though some job applicants must still appear in person for examinations, SCOE has taken actions to strictly enforce safety measures. Masks are required when applicants come to SCOE’s computer lab to take exams. The department has also increased the number of sessions so that fewer people are in the room at once, helping to ensure physical distancing. Between testing sessions, SCOE staff thoroughly sanitize the lab.

The Personnel Department has also established a split office and virtual work schedule for its own staff, helping to limit contact with others and ensure physical distancing. They have been holding twice-weekly meetings via video conference to maintain effective department communication.

Staff member wearing mask preparing to type on computer keyboard

Some Personnel staff have been working split office and virtual work schedules, allowing essential staff to be in the office when needed.

Staff member adjusting mask while sitting at desk

While in the office, staff wear masks and follow physical distance guidelines.