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SCOE School of Education Kicks Off 2020–21 School Year

More than 600 Have Graduated from SCOE Leadership Institute

Grid of people in video group conference

A group of 57 aspiring administrators will be participating in SCOE’s Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program this year.

On Saturday, August 29, Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon welcomed a group of 57 aspiring administrators by video. They will be participating in the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program, part of the Leadership Institute.

The successful credential program, which has graduated more than 600 people, provides leadership development and training for those interested in becoming an education administrator. Candidates must have a valid California teaching credential or service credential, plus five years of full-time teaching experience. Participants also have the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in applied leadership through SCOE’s ongoing partnership with National University.

Classes for the year-long program are currently being held virtually. Courses involve practical activities, end-of-course papers, and online instruction, with a curriculum based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs). Candidates must also present an end-of-year project that demonstrates how they have put the leadership concepts they studied during the program into practice.

About the SCOE School of Education

The Leadership Institute is part of SCOE’s School of Education, which includes programs that help new teachers get their credentials and aspiring leaders to become administrators. The School of Education offers programs approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to support the preparation and development of high-quality teachers and leaders for the Capital region.

The School of Education is also launching its Teacher Induction Program for this school year—supporting new teachers who have earned their preliminary credentials—along with its Teacher Intern Program. More than 100 teacher interns are currently involved in that two-year program, many being second-career professionals or para-professionals.