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Culinary Students Continue to Learn

Meal Kits Provide At-Home Cooking Practice

Chef holding baking tray stacked with ingredients

Chef Hazelton holds a tray of ingredients like the ones students received as part of their at-home meal prep. assignment.

Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Leo A. Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School got a unique assignment from their instructor this month. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, students received meal preparation kits, including printed instructions and all the pre-measured ingredients they needed to prepare a complete Mexican meal—beef tacos, rice, beans, and salsa.

A video lesson recorded by instructor Stephen Hazelton was posted online for the students. After receiving the meal kit and watching the demonstration, students were asked to recreate the meal in their own kitchens at home and upload photos demonstrating their culinary skills. Students were reminded to be organized, plan ahead, and get help from a sibling or parent/guardian.

“Cinco de Mayo provided the perfect opportunity to put a meal kit together and challenge students to utilize the cooking skills that they had learned in the classroom,” said Chef Hazelton. “The more they practice, the easier it gets.”

The assignment turned out to be a popular success. “Families were so appreciative that we provided this opportunity for our Culinary Arts students,” said Principal Lauren Roth. “There is so much free time at home right now. The meal kit is something that families can make together. Students are proud to…upload their pictures and thoughts to our virtual classroom.”

Students in the Culinary program will soon get to prepare a breakfast-themed meal kit, with recipes and ingredients again being provided.

About Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School

Leo A. Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School educates students with the primary disability of Emotional Disturbance (ED) in grades 7–12. The students are referred directly by local school districts unable to provide the more highly structured behavioral support program available at Palmiter. Students are provided with a standards-based educational program, supported by a strong vocational/transitional/school-to-world emphasis.

Staff member wearing gloves packaging trays of ingredients for student meal kits

Behavior Management Technician Cline Moore preparing meal kits.

Lauren Roth and Sterling Alley standing next to parent's car, handing out ingredients

SCOE Principal Lauren Roth and Teacher Sterling Alley handing out a meal kit to a Palmiter parent.