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Podcast Launched for Educators and Mental Health Professionals

“Everyday SEL” Series Addresses Social and Emotional Learning

Everyday SEL: Passion LED Us Here

Fear and anxiety related to the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have increased stress levels for many people. The health emergency has been overwhelming for some, generating strong emotions in both children and adults. COVID-19 has prompted similar emotions from teachers, counselors, and mental health professionals serving students and families.

To support those education professionals, SCOE and its partners have launched a Podcast called “Everyday SEL.” The Podcast focuses on social and emotional learning (SEL)—the process of developing self-awareness, self-control, and important interpersonal skills. It is an exploration of how educators meet the ever-changing needs of students and families, and how their relationships are central to student learning.

The Podcast is hosted by SCOE Mental Health Coordinator Christopher Williams, Ed.L.D., MSW, and also features SCOE Mental Health Grant Coordinator Hannah Collentine-Cole. Joining them are Channa Cook-Harvey, Ph.D., Director of SEL for Folsom Cordova Unified School District, and Mai Xi Lee, Director of SEL for Sacramento City Unified School District.

Four episodes of “Everyday SEL” have been created so far:

  • Episode 1—Global Pandemic, School Closures, and Managing Anxiety
  • Episode 2—First Times, Routines, and the Science of Stress
  • Episode 3—The Leaders of Today
  • Episode 4—The Understanding Human Echo: Empathy and Its Importance to Educators

SCOE has also created a collection of resources for managing anxiety and emotional well-being. Vetted by SCOE mental health experts, the emotional wellness page includes information to help people manage their own stress, along with the anxiety children are experiencing.