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Special Education Program Holds 5/9/19 Graduation

SCOE Students Earn Certificates of Completion

Student holding certificate

Wearing graduation caps and gowns, nine Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) students were recognized today at SCOE’s Conference Center for their successes.

Proud family members, along with jubilant teachers and staff, enjoyed a poignant ceremony for young people receiving certificates of completion through SCOE’s program for high school students and young adults with severe disabilities. The students will now transition to other education or job training programs.

These young adults represent SCOE programs located throughout Sacramento County, including a class at California State University, Sacramento. Many students have participated in SCOE special education programs throughout their educational years, starting in SCOE’s Infant Development Program and continuing through young adulthood.

Part of the SCOE Special Education Department, the programs for students with severe disabilities and students who need intensive social emotional support provide services to students ranging from ages 3–22. SCOE supports many students, including those with visual impairments, mobility needs, or speech and language impairments. SCOE’s Infant Development Program provides individualized, home-based instruction and family support for infants and toddlers with special needs. Programs are offered at more than 35 school sites in school districts throughout the county. Special education services are also provided at schools in facilities operated by Sacramento County Probation.

Students Being Recognized

Galt High School (Cathy Goodrich, Teacher)

  • Alana Agee
  • Tahira Shah
  • Pablo Tinoco

Galt High School (Melanie Lee, Teacher)

  • Brandon Gonzalez

Jesse Baker Young Adult Class (Kristina Aldrich, Teacher)

  • Ethan Bibbs
  • Marcos Contreras-Rodriguez
  • Kalin Hubbard-Coleman
  • Minh Nguyen
  • Emily Salinas

Student receiving certificate
Board trustee presenting diploma