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State Experts Present at Education Accountability Workshop

New Accountability System Evaluates Schools and Districts

Meeting attendees taking notes

In early September, the State Board of Education approved key elements of a new accountability system that evaluates schools and districts in 10 areas critical to student performance, including graduation rates, readiness for college and careers, test scores, and progress of English learners. The goal is to enhance student learning.

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) today hosted a "State and Federal Accountability Update" workshop for leaders in educational services who oversee state and federal programs, Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP), accountability, testing, and evaluation.

Presenters Nancy Brownell (Senior Fellow, Local Control and Accountability, State Board of Education) and Keric Ashley (Deputy Superintendent of District, School, and Innovation Branch, California Department of Education) provided an overview of the state's new accountability system. The new evaluation system provides multiple, ongoing measures of school performance instead of the single, one-item snapshot from the prior system.

Workshop Topics

  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) accountability requirements
  • State Board of Education's approved LCAP rubric
  • State plan for a single accountability and continuous improvement system
Meeting attendees seated at tables