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20th Annual “School-to-World” Awards Ceremony Honors Students and Businesses

Student Workforce Preparation Recognized; Business Supporters Honored

Dave Gordon, Mark B., and Jacquelyn Levy.

Superintendent David W. Gordon and County Board of Education Trustee Jacquelyn Levy congratulate ​Mark B. on winning the 2014 School-to-World Award.

Students and staff from Leo A. Palmiter and Elinor L. Hickey Jr./Sr. High Schools celebrated success at the 20th Annual "School-to-World" awards ceremony on May 29.

The "School-to-World" program is a partnership between the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and areas businesses. The joint venture offers students valuable, entry-level job experience, connections with local business professionals, an opportunity for immediate use of newly acquired job skills, and an active way to learn social skills.

Steve Gutierrez, an Apprentice Consultant with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards, was the guest speaker at the event. In his speech, he shared with students that, even though he spent his high school career in special education classes and was the target of bullies, he worked hard to succeed in school. He now trains consultants for the State of California. "The only way to fulfill your dreams is to work hard and be the best of the best. I wanted it more that my fellow workers wanted it," Gutierrez said. "Life is about working hard and being the best you can be."

During the awards ceremony, students received achievement awards for their successful participation in the program. Student Mark B. was announced as the winner of this year's School-to-World Award, recognizing his outstanding achievements. Victor C. received the Good Character Award.

The "School-to-World" program provides the services, support system, and opportunities that at-risk students need to prepare for college and/or the workforce. The Palmiter and Hickey campuses are operated by SCOE for students with specialized learning needs. Services are tailored to individual students based on their specific needs instead of through traditional, scripted education.

Business Partner Award Recipients

Several local businesses were honored for providing employment and other workforce preparation assistance to SCOE's "School-to-World" students. Honorees included:

  • Ace Hardware
  • Armondo Auto Care
  • California Department of Rehabilitation
  • Cheryl's Dog Grooming
  • Cinnabon
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Denny's
  • Dimple Records
  • Donnelly Floral and Event Design
  • Eskaton
  • Fulton-El Camino Parks & Recreation Department
  • Game Stop
  • Green Technical Education and Employment
  • It's A Grind
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Nor-Cal Woodturners Association
  • Old Navy
  • Native California Plant Association
  • Old Town Barber
  • Sacramento State University School Counseling Department
  • The Cookie Jar
  • The Fifth String

Business owners who would like to learn more about SCOE's "School-to-World" program should email or phone Michael Laharty: (916) 228-2005.

Victor C. and Lauren Roth

Victor C. received the Good Character Award from Principal Lauren Roth.

Steve Gutierrez speaking.

Steve Gutierrez, an Apprentice Consultant with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards, spoke to the "School-to-World" participants.