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SCOE Teams with UC Davis to Offer STEM Academy Workshop

Summer Seminar Available for Educators

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The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and the UC Davis School of Education are collaborating this summer to provide a unique opportunity to help elementary school teachers infuse their curriculum with science and technology. Because elementary teachers often focus on multiple subjects, the STEM Academy is designed to develop strategies to tie Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) lessons into their curriculum. The workshop is being held at the UC Davis campus July 28–August 1.

Keynote speakers at the STEM Academy will be Alice Brooks and Benita Chen, designers of the Roominate line of educational toys designed for girls. The two engineers met at Stanford and saw an opportunity to use their engineering skills to design a program to inspire females to have fun with science and technology while building hands-on skills and confidence.

Through the STEM Academy workshop, participants will learn how to provide innovative coursework using 21st Century skills and technology. Teachers will learn how to better integrate Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards into their curriculum, as well as how to inspire young students with interactive, hands-on teaching.

Information about this and other professional development opportunities offered by SCOE is available by emailing or calling Director Connie Lee: (916) 228-2377.

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