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SCOE Students Honored for Success

Student from E.L. Hickey to Represent Region at State Conference

Rodney Hilton on stage holding certificate

Rodney Hilton, a senior at North​ Area Community School, with his ACSA "Every Student Succeeding Award" certificate.

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) announces that two of its students have received special recognition for their accomplishments.

Rodney Hilton, a senior at North Area Community School, and Erin Newby, a senior from Elinor Lincoln Hickey High School, both received the "Every Student Succeeding Award" from the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). Both students also received a $250 college scholarship.

In addition, Erin was chosen from a group of 13 nominees to represent ACSA Region III at a statewide conference in San Diego in November. Region III includes Sacramento and Yolo counties.

ACSA's Every Student Succeeding program honors students who exceed our expectations and the educators who support them along the way. The award honors students who have succeeded, against all odds, or beyond expectations to overcome obstacles, such as returning to school, leaving a gang or overcoming physical and mental barriers.

Students receiving the award must be enrolled in alternative education, at-risk, bilingual or continuation school programs and be active in after school programs, community service, student conflict resolution, tutoring and peer mediation.

On February 23, Erin was one of three students who represented SCOE at the State Capitol during an Assembly panel discussion. The discussion centered on the positive impact Court and Community schools have on the lives of at-risk youth in California.

Erin Newby on stage holding certificate

Erin Newby, a senior from Elinor Lincoln Hickey High School, with her ACS​​A "Every Student Succeeding Award" certificate.

Erin Newby speaking

Erin Newby testifies about the positive impact of SCOE's Court and Community school during an Assembly panel discussion on February 23.