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Sacramento-Area ROP Students Compete in Building Competition

Local Construction Community Provides Free Materials

Students talking to instructor

The sounds of hammers and circular saws echoed throughout the Cosumes River College parking lot May 4-5 as high school students from 17 Sacramento area schools competed in the 25th Annual Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange Design/Build Competition.

The two-day event is designed to promote awareness and interest among high school students in the construction and architectural design industries, as well as create a fun learning atmosphere.

Construction teams had two days to build a shed following design guidelines provided by the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange (SRBX). Each team had to complete the challenge of designing and preparing construction plans for a 96-square foot structure. Judging was conducted by a panel of building and construction professionals from the Sacramento-area. Structures were judged on the students' ability to perform all the functions of the project including planning and design, scheduling, overall project management and conduct, craftsmanship and team work, and safety. Schools are allowed to keep the completed projects or sell them to raise funds to support their programs.

"The skills these students are learning are skills that they will never forget," said Tim Taylor, Sacramento County Office of Education Assistant Superintendent of Court and Community Schools and ROP. "And the teachers involved also need to be commended for the work they are doing with these motivated students."

The goal of the program is to expose area high school students to the hands-on experience of taking a building project from beginning to end, giving them a taste of all aspects of the construction industry.

SRBX and the local construction community provided all of the materials needed for each team. The students participating in the program are enrolled in Regional Occupation Programs (ROP) at their high schools.

Students building a shed
Students in hard hats standing on scaffolding