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SCOE Announces New Outdoor Education Program at Sly Park

4th Grade Student Program Focuses on California History

Students in front of cedar bark house

Exploring the tree covered hills that California's indigenous populations once called home, touring the historic trails that California's earliest settlers traveled, panning for gold in the celebrated mountain waters where so many adventurous people sought their fortunes: these are just a few of the activities now available to fourth grade students in the Sacramento region, through a new program operated by the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE).

The Fourth Grade California History Program, offered at the Sly Park Conservation and Environmental Education Center, is now accepting reservations for spring 2010.

Credentialed teachers will guide students through classes and activities that are based on California content standards. Students will visit a historical representation of a native bark house, play games that were enjoyed by indigenous people hundreds of years ago, learn about the impact of the Gold Rush, and pan for gold in Park Creek. Every child can also bring home an obsidian arrowhead they make for themselves.

"Students can explore our Cedar Bark House, Planetarium, Native American Interpretive Center, and hike on the Mormon Emigrant Trail," said Sly Park Director Phil Romig. "They will experience the history of the Sierra Nevada Mountains like never before."

"Historically, Sly Park has offered hands-on outdoor education for sixth grade students. Now, families can send their fourth grade children to Sly Park where they can have the same kind of meaningful outdoor experience while learning about California history and Native American culture," said Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools David W. Gordon.

The Sly Park Conservation and Environmental Education Center, operated by SCOE, is approximately fifty miles east of Sacramento, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The environmental education center also provides programs teaching 5th and 6th grade students about the world in which they live. Students actively engage in field studies, learning about the forest ecosystem and the importance of conservation to our future. Credentialed teachers provide an instructional program to over 8,000 elementary students each year.

The Fourth Grade California History Program at Sly Park offers half day, full day, and overnight field trips for fourth graders and parent chaperones. All West Charter Service will provide discounts to schools planning to attend the program to help reduce transportation costs. For more information call (916) 228-2485.

Student holding gold pan
Teacher reaching to help balancing student walking across a log