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Board of Education Approves New ROP Courses

Students Can Study Biotechnology, Multimedia, and Sports Medicine

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In an effort to cultivate more career opportunities for area high school students, the Sacramento County Board of Education has approved an exciting new series of courses. The courses, supervised by the Sacramento County Regional Occupational Program (ROP), involve classes in biotechnology, multimedia, and sports medicine.

"Working closely with our district superintendents we are charting a new direction for ROP," said David W. Gordon, Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools. "These courses are part of a new blueprint to deliver courses that are rigorous, relevant, and lead to meaningful career paths."

Following the recommendations made by the Board's Curriculum and Programs Committee, the Board of Education approved the following courses:

  • Biotechnology Services—Students will be instructed in laboratory techniques and basic concepts of the field of bioscience. Opportunities for post-secondary education will be explored and students will gain a broad awareness of both scientific and technological career paths.
  • Multimedia Sound Engineer—The course is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in digital sound engineering. Students will learn to operate machines to record, mix or reproduce music and sounds for video and audio production.
  • Sports Medicine—This program will offer instruction in the brand of medicine that addresses the prevention and treatment of injuries occurring to both athletes and the active population. This course will provide a strong academic foundation for students interested in pursuing majors in sports medicine, pre-medicine, pre-dental, or other health programs on the university level.

"These courses are in direct line with career paths and we are proud to offer them to students," said Tim Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Court and Community Schools and ROP.

In spring 2006, the Sacramento County Board of Education approved three other high-level courses for ROP: Environmental Studies of California's Watershed, Early Childhood Development/Careers, and Introduction to Forensic Sciences.

ROP offers high-level instruction in courses providing pathways to higher education at the community college and four-year college level, apprenticeship, and other post-secondary training. Through these resources and experiences, students can attain marketable skills and pursue post-secondary education in preparation for work in the 21st century.

Learn more online about ROP programs offered through the Sacramento County Office of Education by calling (916) 228-2721.