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Staff Recognized for Dedication to Students, Schools, and the Community

Numerous SCOE Employees Honored in Spring 2005


Numerous Sacramento County Office of Education employees were honored in spring 2005 by local and statewide organizations for their outstanding contributions to the education profession.

Sacramento County Office of Education teacher Jim Chapman was presented with the Outstanding Teacher Award by the California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs. He received his award at the CAROCP statewide conference in May 2005. Jim Chapman teaches the Regional Occupational Program Manufacturing Technology/Metals class located at Carson Creek High School, which is located at the Boys Ranch facility operated by the Sacramento County Probation Department. In introducing Jim Chapman at the May 25 meeting of the Sacramento County Board of Education, Deputy Superintendent Martin J. Cavanaugh lauded Chapman for his work with at-risk youth. "This program does much more than teach the basics of welding," he said. "It reinforces employability skills that we often take for granted - such as being to work on time, following a series of verbal directives from a supervisor, working as a team, treating co-workers with respect, and following through to fruition when the job gets challenging." Deputy Superintendent Cavanaugh praised Chapman for his "dedication and remarkable ability to teach."

Joe Taylor, Child Welfare and Attendance Administrator with the Sacramento County Office of Education, was named a recipient of the statewide Lee Lundberg Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Child Welfare and Attendance. The award, an honor bestowed annually by the California Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance, was presented to Joe Taylor at the CSCWA state conference April 21, 2005, in Sacramento. Joe Taylor was recognized by Deputy Superintendent Martin J. Cavanaugh at the May 25 Sacramento County Board of Education meeting. Said Deputy Superintendent Cavanaugh, "CWA Administrators work with districts, courts, and state and county agencies, advocating for the needs of students, families, and schools and influencing relevant legislation. Joe Taylor has demonstrated a focused dedication to improving school climate, safety, and increasing school attendance. We are proud to have one of our own recognized so prominently."

The California School Nurses Organization (CSNO) has named Mary J. Larson, R.N., as Northern Section School Nurse of the Year for 2005-06. Mary Larson is now a candidate for the California School Nurse of the Year award, which will be announced in fall 2005. According to CSNO, she "is truly an inspiration to school nurses, and CSNO is indeed very proud of her." The organization describes as "outstanding" her "numerous accomplishments, sincere dedication, and tireless service to children, parents, staff, school nursing and the community."

Recognized March 31, 2005, by the Sacramento Association for the Retarded for outstanding dedication to special needs students and families were:

Mary Larson, R.N., School Nurse
Special Education Department
Outstanding Medical Service Award

According to SAR, "In her ten years as a school nurse for the Sacramento County Office of Education, Mary Larson has learned the importance of treating each student as a whole person. Beyond the heavy load carried by all school nurses, Mary gets involved in each student's program of academic instruction and educational pursuits. She often accompanies students on their community outings and provides extra assistance to the teacher so that more students are able to experience the outings more frequently. This higher level of participation allows her to develop closer relationships with the students and with their parents. Mary is a talented organizer, knowledgeable about each student's medical issues, and is committed to using each one's strengths to achieve positive results. The Association is pleased to recognize this fine nursing professional and to give its Outstanding Medical Service Award to Mary Larson."

Jerrol "Jeri" Scott, School Principal (Retired) Special Education Department
Appreciation for Past Service Award

SAR stated, "After thirty years of work dedicated to supporting children with disabilities, Jerrol 'Jeri' Scott retired in December 2004. She began her distinguished career as a speech therapist and later became a principal at schools run by the Sacramento County Office of Education. Jeri worked tirelessly to assure that children who are non-verbal could communicate through voice output devices, pictures and other means as needed. Her actions always were guided by a respect and appreciation for parents, and her over-riding concern was that whatever educational remedy she applied, it responded to a determination of what was in the very best interest of her student. She has been instrumental in establishing a transdisciplinary team approach to program decisions. Hundreds of students lead better lives today because of her work with such methods as Project MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). Jeri is a thoroughly professional educator to whom other teachers and staff have looked for expertise when designing and implementing programs for students with disabilities. The Association takes enormous delight in giving Jeri Scott the Appreciation for Past Service Award."

Cathy Goodrich, Teacher
Special Education Department, SH (Severely Handicapped) Program - Galt High School Outstanding Teacher Award

SAR reports, "Cathy Goodrich is a Special Day Class teacher for the adult age program (18 to 22 years) on an integrated site in Galt Joint Union High School District in south Sacramento County. She uses Workability Grants to help her students supplement their income from jobs at work sites for young adults in the community. Many of the jobs at these work sites were developed by Cathy herself. She has had remarkable success in helping her students prepare for life after their school careers by focusing on outcomes and using tools that yield results for students in functional living skills and independent living skills classes, at job sites, and using community transportation. She has made sure of her positive relationships with the transitional adult programs her students will go to when they leave her classes, and has created a lively partnership with the Galt Adult Community Training Program — all to better facilitate the move from school settings to adult life upon graduation. Her work makes a significant contribution to the lives of her students, and the Association is pleased to recognize Cathy Goodrich by giving her the Outstanding Teacher Award."

Angie Rivera, Teacher
Special Education Department, Infant Development Program Special Service Award

According to SAR, "Angie Rivera is not just willing to support families in a critical time of their lives, but ably demonstrates that she knows how. Many families met her for the first time [in her role as a teacher with] the Sacramento County Office of Education Infant Development Program. Ever an advocate for youngsters-at-risk, she also understands the importance of caring for all children and the family as a whole. Angie's bilingual abilities help bridge cultural divides and ensure high-quality services. She initiated a local support group for Spanish-speaking families with children diagnosed with developmental delays. After twelve years she is still at its center and has expanded its reach to over 100 families. She was instrumental in bringing [an annual] educational Spanish [language] conference to Sacramento — Fiesta Educativa — now in its third year and attended by 200 families. Her outreach efforts have vastly improved the lives of literally hundreds of families. In recognition of her leadership, the Association is proud to present is Special Service Award to Angie Rivera."

Mary Larson

Mary Larson, R.N., School Nurse

Angie Rivera

Angie Rivera, Teacher