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Administrators Named to Statewide Education Panels

Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and General Counsel to Serve State


Three Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE​) administrators have been named to statewide education panels:

David W. Gordon, County Superintendent of Schools, has been appointed to the newly formed Governor's Advisory Committee on Educational Excellence. The non-partisan group is charged with examining K-12 education in California and recommending steps to improve public schools. The committee, comprised of 15 members, will draw on the insights of researchers and policymakers from California and across the country. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has charged the committee to develop a plan for public engagement, to report regularly to Secretary for Education Richard Riordan, and to deliver its recommendations in a series of reports within the next 24 months.

Joyce Wright, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of SCOE's Instructional Support Services Division, will serve on the new California P–16 Council. Dr. Wright is one of 44 individuals who will meet regularly to develop strategies to better coordinate, integrate, and improve education for California students from preschool through college. The California P-16 Council will report to State Superintendent for Public Instruction Jack O'Connell. The Governor's Advisory Committee on Educational Excellence and the California P-16 Council will work closely to help ensure that all segments of state government are working toward building educational excellence.

Rae Belisle, SCOE General Counsel, was named the Chair of the Advisory Commission on Charter Schools (ACCS), an advisory body to the State Board of Education, by the State Board of Education at its March 9–10, 2005 meeting. Her term runs through December 31, 2007.