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SCOE Has Answers to Questions About Math Instructional Materials

Teachers May Access K-8 Math Instructional Materials Info. Through SCOE


The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), in cooperation with the Solano County Office of Education, has launched a new website to provide information regarding K-8 instructional materials adopted in January 2001 by the California State Board of Education.

The website is funded by Elementary Education grants from the California Department of Education. It contains links to publishers of state-adopted materials, a search function to assist in locating materials of a specific nature, and a section where teachers and administrators can receive timely answers to questions submitted about any of the state-adopted mathematics materials.

The selection and subsequent adoption of K-8 mathematics materials were based upon three elements: 1) the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, 2) the California Mathematics Content Standards, and 3) detailed criteria for the adoption of instructional materials.

The final list of adopted instructional materials contains nine publishers and ten programs.

Says Pat Duckhorn, Sacramento County Office of Education Director of K-12 Mathematics, "Our purpose is to support teachers and administrators with information about how best to implement these materials to facilitate the improvement of student achievement in mathematics."

Questions about the website may be directed to Pat Duckhorn at (916) 228-2244 or Paul Pechin at (916) 228-2631.