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35-Year SCOE Employee Featured in The Sacramento Bee

Anita Creamer Interviews Principal Mary Mack

Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) Principal Mary Mack shared her commitment to teaching at-risk youth with writer Anita Creamer in the 25 April issue of The Sacramento Bee.

Mack, a 35-year SCOE veteran, has worked at Carson Creek High School (located within the Sacramento County Boys Ranch in the eastern portion of the county) since 1985. Boys Ranch is a residential facility operated by the Sacramento County Probation Department for juvenile offenders.

Mack's commitment to the success and support of "her kids" is described in the article by SCOE Student Programs Director Mary Bell, former SCOE Juvenile Court Schools teacher Phame Heisner, and Boys Ranch Chief Deputy Michael Elorduy.

The story was published in The Sacramento Bee's Lifestyle Section.